Album Review: Matt Redman ‘10,000 Reasons’

Matt Redman '10,000 Reasons'

I like Matt Redman’s songwriting when it comes to church music and it can be summed up by simple, easy and to the point.

Matt Redman is one of few worship leaders and songwriters who constantly write songs that can be sung in church… sure other groups and songwriters have done it often… but not every church can pull off David Crowder Band, Planetshakers or even Hillsong United in church and that’s what makes Matt’s songwriting so good for churches of ALL sizes.

Matt recently said:

“You have to find ways to not water down your faith but to be lyrically as accessible as possible. That’s an endless challenge. It makes me always want to keep the cross front and centre.”

This was the first album of completely new songs that Matt has released as a live recording, and it is a real kaleidoscopic view of musical styles, themes and feels on this album and the name ‘10,000 Reasons’ really sums up the album as a whole.

Matt said that an old pop producer once said “There are only 4 kinds of songs that you can sing about in the Pop world (I love you, I hate you, go away and come back) but Matt has discovered that there is so many things that you can sing about when it comes to the story of Jesus… 10,000 reasons is a good start.

The song 10,000 reason is great… it seems to me to be the kind of song that your would sing around a camp fire… it seems to have that easy swagger of an Irish tinged pub song.

The lead single off the album is the track ‘Never Once’ is a real song of faithfulness and it echoes this real sense that ‘Never Once’ has God taken his eyes off you, “Standing on this mountain top, looking back at all you’ve done, knowing that for every step you were with me”… and how true is that, how often have we found ourselves on the other side of pain, only to realise that Gods hand was there all along… and you never even realised. “Never Once did we ever walk alone, Never Once did you leave us on our own”

A great song that would be AWESOME to start a service with is ‘Here for You’… not only is it a real cool song… but a real song to focus who we are singing too, and what we are here for “We welcome you with praise… Let every heart adore”… it’s BIG, it’s anthemic and a great way to unite a congreations focus.

‘Where would we be without your love, we would still be lost in darkness’… It’s really great to hear a worship leader sing about where he has been… often it seems like Christians have it all together… but with Matt you really get the sense that he has really had to struggle through some tough times, and from those tough times God has been able to shine is Glory.

After all his years as a songwriter for the church penning some of the most popular ones in this generation, songs like ‘Heart of Worship’ ‘Blessed be your name’ ‘Never let go’ and ‘You Alone can rescue’ Matt concludes…

“You can have clever chord progressions. You can work hard at getting some sort of nice sounding lyrics, but at the end, I just want a song that connects people with God.”

And it’s true… other albums may have slicker guitars, better riffs, and funky beats… but this album has a real HEART… and that’s something that really grows… it can’t be produced.