Mothers day 

Mum’s have one of the hardest jobs in the world, no holidays and often very little rest Mother’s are often cooking, looking after sick kids, school lunches, checking homework is done… The list goes on –  and that is without mentioning the rest of life they need to fit in and around the family. Mum’s are indeed amazing. 

Happy Mothers day. 


Do super mums really exists? (words from a Mother)


Someone once told me of a mother who dropped their kid off to school and was then off to the gym…
The reaction of the other mothers was “Wow… you must be a SUPER MUM”...
However the teachers at the school also have kids, and not only do they have to look after their own kids but everyone else’s kids also, plus still find time to do the cleaning, washing ironing, folding, and vacuum the house.

So it begs the question… which mum is super?
The one who doesn’t have the child for half the day while they are at school, and finds time to do their home duties as well as find time to go to the gym and catch up for coffee?
Or… the mother who juggles the home life and work life?

Sometimes I think we really believe this super-mum concept and it’s just not real!

Mothers are all super-mums and none of them are.
It’s the hardest job in the world but often mothers can invest so much energy into trying to do everything and comparing themselves.
None of us can do it, and we all can do it.

There is no more value in being busy than there is in life in the slow lane.

We are all so quick to judge each other’s housework, baking, the way we dress our children, the way we free up our husbands to enjoy their hobbies…
I could probably do it all – I could work, have an immaculate house, keep my hair done nicely, have a perfectly toned body, dress myself and the children in gorgeous clothes, cook amazing meals etc.
But it wouldn’t be worth it because I would be exhausted and stressed, and all for what?!
Just so I look good in the eyes of people who would be valuing me and my achievements for all the wrong reasons.

Instead I choose what matters to my family.

The kitchen is clean enough so I’m going to play with the train set with my youngest son Benaiah.
Sure, the rubbish bin is full so I could take it out, but Benaiah starts school in a few months so my days of train track building are numbered…
There is a basket of washing to be folded, but I’m going to spend the evening knitting on the couch and chatting with my husband because being creative makes me happy and I love to connect with my favourite person in the whole world…

So if a spotless house is your thing that’s great!

But I’m happy with a not-a-bio-hazard house and time for other things that I value.


From Mother Goose