Mothers day 

Mum’s have one of the hardest jobs in the world, no holidays and often very little rest Mother’s are often cooking, looking after sick kids, school lunches, checking homework is done… The list goes on –  and that is without mentioning the rest of life they need to fit in and around the family. Mum’s are indeed amazing. 

Happy Mothers day. 


Do super mums really exists? (words from a Mother)


Someone once told me of a mother who dropped their kid off to school and was then off to the gym…
The reaction of the other mothers was “Wow… you must be a SUPER MUM”...
However the teachers at the school also have kids, and not only do they have to look after their own kids but everyone else’s kids also, plus still find time to do the cleaning, washing ironing, folding, and vacuum the house.

So it begs the question… which mum is super?
The one who doesn’t have the child for half the day while they are at school, and finds time to do their home duties as well as find time to go to the gym and catch up for coffee?
Or… the mother who juggles the home life and work life?

Sometimes I think we really believe this super-mum concept and it’s just not real!

Mothers are all super-mums and none of them are.
It’s the hardest job in the world but often mothers can invest so much energy into trying to do everything and comparing themselves.
None of us can do it, and we all can do it.

There is no more value in being busy than there is in life in the slow lane.

We are all so quick to judge each other’s housework, baking, the way we dress our children, the way we free up our husbands to enjoy their hobbies…
I could probably do it all – I could work, have an immaculate house, keep my hair done nicely, have a perfectly toned body, dress myself and the children in gorgeous clothes, cook amazing meals etc.
But it wouldn’t be worth it because I would be exhausted and stressed, and all for what?!
Just so I look good in the eyes of people who would be valuing me and my achievements for all the wrong reasons.

Instead I choose what matters to my family.

The kitchen is clean enough so I’m going to play with the train set with my youngest son Benaiah.
Sure, the rubbish bin is full so I could take it out, but Benaiah starts school in a few months so my days of train track building are numbered…
There is a basket of washing to be folded, but I’m going to spend the evening knitting on the couch and chatting with my husband because being creative makes me happy and I love to connect with my favourite person in the whole world…

So if a spotless house is your thing that’s great!

But I’m happy with a not-a-bio-hazard house and time for other things that I value.


From Mother Goose

I have 5 Kids and my house isn’t always tidied (or ‘Shocking news for those who have no idea but give advice anyway’)

5 kidsI have 5 kids…

That means my house isn’t always tidied
It means it’s not always clean to the standard we would like
It means that some day to day stuff doesn’t get done
Having 5 kids means we have extra hands


It ALSO means we are investing in 5 lives…
At an intimate levelgrowing who they are
We’re growing young leaders… who aren’t easily swayed
We’re creating adventures… and the explorers who are curious enough to want to have the adventures.
People who care about the people and community they live in.
People who walk humbly and have strong faith in God

I know what I want to invest in…
And I can always clean, tidy and vacuum tomorrow

We don’t live in muck and rubbish… but what I am saying is that when there are days that my kids need more attention… or are struggling… they get our attention first.

On tough days… our house is a mess…
And do you know what???
We are OK with that…

Because at our house… life is about people not things.

Our house is tidy OFTEN

But if you pop in and it’s not tidy… it just means we have been investing in other things!


It’s your story…


We all have stories

I was talking to a friend of mine, and I was reminded about the amazing provisions that God had continued to bring into the life of myself and my family.

There have been so many times in my life where our cupboard was bare… and just at the right time someone came with a box of food…
Or when our car had been in need of repair… and just at the right time the money came into our account – the EXACT amount.

I can give story upon story of how God has provided for us at just the right time in so many ways.

Revelation 12 says:

And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony.
And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die – Revelation 12:11

Testimonies remind us that God is still in charge… how?

Because no one can take away the things God has done in our lives… we EXPERIENCED it.

It’s kind of like walking in and seeing your grandmother naked… you can’t UN-SEE things like that… and you can’t un-experience the things that God has done for you.
When we share the things that God has done for us we take away from the enemy his lies telling us that “God doesn’t work in our lives anymore” when we know he does because we have experienced that in our lives.

We have experienced his Grace, we have experienced his healing, we have seen and heard  his answers to prayers… and we can say with all honesty that “God has been with us Thus Far and we know he will continue to be with us.” (1 Sam 7:12)

Often we think that Testimonies are only to do with how we became a Christian… and what God did for us does come into the story of how we became a Christian… but Revelations 12:11 talk about how POWERFUL our testimonies actually are.

One of my favourite testimonies I have heard was in Mark Batterson’s book ‘The Circle Maker’… t goes something like this:

Bob Bagley was a missionary to Africa.  His tribal church was literally meeting under a tree and one day the local witchdoctor cursed the tree and all the leaves withered.  They lost their shade.  They also lost their status!  That curse overshadowed them.  So Dr. Bagley decided to call a public prayer meeting.  He laid hands on the tree and prayed that God would resurrect it.   I love his prayer: “It’s not my name that’s at stake.”  He knew that he couldn’t establish God’s reputation without risking his own!  The rest of the story?  Not only did God resurrect the tree, it became the only tree of its type that yielded fruit twice a year!

Isn’t that great… those sort of testimonies remind us who’s really in charge, and that God is able to do immeasurably more than all I can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20)…

But here is the thing – If we don’t share the way God is at work in our lives, then we’re tempted to think God isn’t working at all.

So what are the stories that YOU have of Gods provisions in your life… God’s Grace etc…

Are you telling people about them… because they are YOUR stories to tell… and another way of overcoming the enemies in your life.


Isn’t it typical…


Is there shelter from the storm?

Have you ever been in a place where you have been making progress in your faith and all of a sudden you get railroaded?

I have… after a hard couple of months due to business and just ‘life’ in general I finally felt like I was in a place that was a place where I could get real with God again… it was time to do business!!
I had been really getting back into the word of God and reading it each morning with my wife Emma… and then last night we were with our growth group and we decided to have communion together… it was something most of us had never done outside of a ‘church’ building before and it , and most of us agreed that it gave it a different feel… a different focus… as we wrestled with how it was described in the Bible.

Spiritually I was feeling like things were getting back to where they had been before…maybe even better… until today.

A while ago I was in a position where I was being pursued by another woman… it was getting pretty messy (I won’t go into details) however I was given the opportunity to move to another part of the city for my job and I took it… and things were going pretty well… until today.

The same person I had being trying to stay away from and cut out of my life, started to message me, and text me… out of the blue?
I don’t think so… because all of a sudden I found myself thinking of where I had been before instead of where I was going.
It hit me like a bolt out of the blue…
I was frustrated on the drive home in my car… why this… and why now… things were starting to look so good.

And then I realised the hugeness of what having communion and remembering where we had come from as sinners meant to me… and then what it meant to the enemy.

And then I started to be frustrated at myself…
“Of course this has happened now… you had drawn a line in the sand and declared that you are aligning yourself with God… and the enemy doesn’t want that”
It was a ‘Duh Goose moment’
The reason it took me off guard was because I wasn’t being vigilant.

“Be careful! Watch out for attacks from the Devil, your great enemy. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for some victim to devour.” – 1 Peter 5:8

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy…” – John 10:10a

Was I that naive to think that these things happening were an accident?

The enemy is strategic and forceful, and he’s playing for keeps… the Holy Spirits role is to help you have a closer relationship with God… and the enemy wants the opposite…

Be vigilant… keep and eye out.
Now I realise what is happening I am certainly going to be.