Peace, Love and Mung beans.

r1145162_14302576So yesterday was Earth day… and it all came and went with all but a whimper and slight fizzle.
And it all got me thinking, why has it all become so ho-hum if the Earth and creation is such a important issue?
As a Christian I believe that we are called to protect the creation that God has given us to look after. Our church in New Zealand would call that “Caring for Gods creation”.
I also believe this is a social issue as it affects all of humanity, and I also believe that our consumer lifestyle isn’t helping the issue.

So why so ho-hum?

For me it’s just too  much noise!

Environmentalists are  increasingly becoming more and more extreme to make a point, and we have message after message of what is becoming Green propaganda. .
The problem is that BOTH sides of the discussion are trying to out do each other with power play, shocking examples of something that will prove their point, and stats that show how the other side of the conversation is wrong.
They are both extremely right in a lot of cases and both extremely wrong.
The result from it all is that it’s just noise.

They have taken the conversation out of the conversation, because now  it’s about who is the loudest. The politicians have a big meeting of World powers… and the environmentalists sit outside creating chaos. While the rest of the world sits through another bout of deja vu.

We all seem have one of those friends who just posts the same stuff over and over on social media… be it political, about music, their kids, chocolate (me) or the environment.
Does it get to the point where you just stop reading because it just becomes another blog of something different but totally the same as everything else they have posted? The same broken record, the same agenda, the same push with out any reason for a discussion.
This is just point taking and point making but nothing more.
Sure the intention is to create discussion… but does it when the discussion is always the same?

Christian environmentalists (or activists) can be even worse!!!
They break the law to prove a point, they talk about community and then cause divisions within that community based on politics and then to top it all off they claim that God would approve because they have the right intention about saving the planet.  They hold picket signs that say “Cherish the Earth” while on a march that is intended to put pressure on political leaders (local or National) to make changes.Seems a bit hypocritical doesn’t it???
Part of the Earth is the people who live in it… the politicians and the marchers, and both are trying to do the best by the information that they have (in a democratic society).
What happened to love thy enemies?
Or have we created another loophole that allows us to treat politicians differently to the rest of us?
It’s here that we realise that being socially active, doesn’t actually equal being a social activist.

Sometimes I wonder if God agrees with our intentions.

It seems to me that Jesus didn’t spend too much time ‘playing politics’ – in fact he pretty much kept away from it.
Because Jesus was more concerned about the human heart… the other stuff flowed from that.
In fact when asked the famous political question in relation to taxes in Luke 20:25 that the Pharisees devised to trick Jesus with, He said “Who’s face/image is on the coin?”  It was that of the Caesar at the time, so he said “Give to Caesar what is Caesars”
By saying this he was implying who’s image are you made in?
The coin had the image of Caesar, but you are made in the image of God

He took it right back to the human heart.

Jesus was disciplining, not a talking about the ways to coerce a  government into getting what you think you want based on a few snippets from news papers or reports that you found to prove your argument.
Jesus prayed, and when the disciples saw what he was doing they asked “teach us to pray”. They knew how to pray before that, but it wasn’t the way that Jesus prayed… something was different.
The disciples said “Help how can we feed all these people???” and Jesus let a miracle happen in their own hands with 5 loaves and 2 small fish, and there were left overs!!!
This was a revolution of the human heart and mind and soul.

I think we’re spending so much energy making sides, and proving points that we aren’t actually doing much? Imagine if every church planted fruit trees in every community as part of school projects so that fruit and veges could be given for FREE to those in the community that can’t afford it, paid to have bee hives looked after for pollination and honey, had regular teams that went round the community picking up rubbish? What if we were the importer of good quality coffee that comes from sustainable and fair trade farms that we partner with and sold them to our local cafes at a price that everyday people could buy a decent coffee and create watering wells within our community?

We can actually find examples where this IS happening and how successful the outcome is! Let’s do more of that!

Sometimes we’re really good at making a point, but we haven’t the guts, stamina, forethought or time to start to do these things that could be easy to arrange if we could be bothered.
And so here we are adding to the noise with our signs and our marches when the community we live in are craving for something a bit more personal.
They want to look after the planet and community but they don’t know how to be connected.

So lets just shut up for a while and show the world that we are more than just talk, that we are looking for something bigger than just putting out our own recycling bins and buying fair trade coffee, buying from shops with ethical values or buying local.
It has to be bigger than that… we have the means and connections to do this.
Love your local and watch the love spread form there.
Christianity started with just 12.

Or are you more interested in making a point?