Album Review: Luke Thompson ‘Strum Strum’ E.P.

It’s true to say that your soul responds to music. Some music excites you and some music calms you. Some music brings back memories and some creates them. Luke’s latest EP is the kind of music that just calms your soul. In fact, the first time I heard it I felt myself just relax as I sat in the sun and sipped on a well made latte.

The ‘Strum Strum’ EP starts off with the well crafted track ‘Keep Rolling on’ and I can’t help but think of great artists such as James Taylor who write with such an amazing balance of melody and catchy turn of phrase that you can’t help but be drawn into the story. It’s almost like the music calls and beckons you to listen.

‘Oh Christina’ follows on perfectly from where ‘Keep Rolling on’ has left, with some great colour added by some wonderfully placed and well timed harmonies that sit over top. ‘The Climb and fall’ has a real country rock 70s feel that wouldn’t have been out of place with legendary bands such as the Eagles. The harmonies over top that help highlight and drive forward the melody are spot on. It just shows that Luke doesn’t have to lay down a ballad every time he writes a song, and it’s refreshing to hear something a bit different as a whole album of purely ballads wouldn’t have highlighted and showcased just how good Luke is as a songwriter.

Luke’s a good enough songwriter to let his music stand on it’s own merits and while the style of music isn’t anything revolutionary or new it’s the quality and the high standard of it that is worth taking the time to listen to.
Luke’s music has a way of slowing life down, it’s music that demands you to just sit and listen. It’s almost like time stands still for just a moment as Luke tells his story as part of this musical journey.

Music doesn’t have to be revolutionary to change the world… it just has to be good enough to make you stop and enjoy it.


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