For Those looking for a voice

What a CRAZY couple of months! In fact the last year has been bananas in both a good way and a bad way.

Sometimes life is busy and you feel like you need it to show down so that you can just breathe, and sometimes it feels like nothing is happening and we are in a waiting phase. The reality is for me that I feel like I’m in both at the moment…

So what do you do when you feel like you’re in no mans land? For me… I create. I’m currently working on projects that are based around culture and giving people a hand even when the pressure is tough. So it’s with that intent that I come to Screaming Goose ‘Turn the Dial, Flick the Switch’. At the start of each year I take a month to assess and the focus for this year is the independents!!

I write reviews for more well known artists and bands for the music site FDRMX and while I really enjoy that my heart is with the up and coming. I love to write about those who are touring and doing the hard yards and just need a voice. So I figure… why can’t I do both? This year my promise to you Screaming Geese is to deliver you the new and raw, and those who are cutting their teeth in an industry that will take them all out and rearrange their face.

So if you know someone who has just recorded an EP, a single, or an album and would like someone to give them a voice by way of a review then let me know! There is something that’s just cool about having someone shout your praises or highlight your band just before a tour or album release.

I can review and build up the profile of better known acts as I always have, however it’s those literally coming off the streets, out of their garages, and out of their living rooms that I want to hear from. These are the voices that often echo in the future and create the next revolution – it’s repeated year after year through music history! So sing out and let Screaming Goose give you a shout. Viva La Independent Revolution!