Turn your smartphone on in Church (or #ChurchSocial)


facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

The Social Media is becoming a very powerful and useful tool within our society.

There have been whole governments that have fallen because of this powerful medium. However it seems to me that the church is a bit behind the 8 ball when it comes to this tool.

We can scroll through our FaceBook pages, and our Twitter accounts and we can see pages of pictures of what our friends have had for dinner, lunch, and all the snacks in between.

We see pictures of their walks in the park, the scenery, and the blood red sky as the night approaches and the sun goes to rest… but when we start to look at our church life we find our feeds become strangely silent.

I have to ask the question… what makes your dinner (as wonderful and tasty as it looks) more important than the church or more importantly the message that you are hearing?

You see we post things that are important to us right?

So if that is the case shouldn’t we be broadcasting the fact that we go to a great Biblically focused Spirit filled church?
My church (Hope Presbyterian) is pretty good at keeping up with some aspects of Social Media so when you get to church you can actually ‘check in’ to Hope Presbyterian Church on Facebook… (or what ever church you go to!)

Why don’t we let people know that you’re a Christian for those who may not know already…  Start that conversation… say you went to church.

But why not take it further???

If there is a key Bible verse that you hear Tweet that sucker… let everyone know about it!

If there is a great quote send it our on the ethers…

If God talks to you… ponder that question on your news feeds on Facebook.

You see the social media has to be social right?

But why does it have to be shallow?

If we truly think this… then why are we holding back from the world the great stuff that God is talking to you about during church?

Now I’m not saying spend all your time on FaceBook instead of listening to a sermon… but lets be smarter about how God talks to us and the world… why wouldn’t we Tweet that?

Why aren’t we sharing that?

I recently went to the Movies with my brother Nathan and saw Iron Man 3, it was a great movie and I had seen about 6 other friends had checked in at other times to see this film… but when it came to church on Sunday… Silent.

Are we just using the Social Media as a way to show how cool and trendy we are… showing off our baking or our new clothes… but are silent about important ETERNAL issues?
Are we spending our time being so trendy that we are forgetting about adding God to our news feeds?

Shouldn’t our news feeds reflect our lives and the things that are important in our lives?
If so… where’s God and his message on our Social media?
Or are we just creating for ourselves our own online socialite personality???


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