Tell me what Christmas is about?



I went down to get milk from our local gas station, it’s a the place where I always go to get my petrol, so I knew the guy behind the counter pretty well, a
Indian who is now a New Zealand resident… and he looked at me and asked me something that I didn’t expect.
He asked me “Tell me about Christmas?”
Now to be honest I was a little bit confused, I mean we were coming up to Christmas… it’s only a few days away, surely he had to know something about the holiday  by now…
So I stumbled out the words “What exactly do you mean by that?”
And he went on to tell me about how he was confused… when he was growing up he had met some Americans who went to Church and prayed… then went home and had a party with the family.
I knew what he was talking about as it was something simliar in my world… maybe not as simplistic however I knew what he was getting at.
“BUT…” he said
I thought “hold on here we go…”
“I’m confused, because everyone these days just wants to party and get drunk… so tell me… what does Christmas mean?”

AT this point I would love to tell you that I came up with the perfect discription of how Christ was born to be the saviour of all mankind… but I didn’t… I froze… I mean seriously where do you start?
Baby Jesus?
The Cross?
Wise men?
Our sin?
All these things went wizzing through my mind at the same time… so I just picked the first one that came to my mind, and blurted out something to do with God coming down to be one of us so that he could make a way for us to be closer to him…

I wasn’t proud of it, and it wasn’t pretty… but I did it.

I went away thinking… why was that so hard?
I could tell you 50 reasons how God changed my life, I can tell you why I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and I can tell you why you need to make a descision to follow Christ and be born again… but that wasn’t the question.
The question was “Tell me what Christmas is about?”

Christmas is one of the most important points in the Christian calendar, its when God came down to be with us… 2nd only to Easter, when he died to take our place…so shouldn’t we know the story as more than just “little baby Jesus?”

Are you ready to answer the question “Tell me about Christmas?”
Because your answer might be just what someone is needing to here…because Christmas is so much more than presents, and lights and family and decorations and wanting to be with the ones you miss…
Christmas is about God loving us so much that he gave his one and only son, to come down from his place of Glory and come live among us so that he could suffer for our sin, and take the punishment for our sin… so that we could be closer to him.

SO tell me… what is Christmas about?


One thought on “Tell me what Christmas is about?

  1. I guess we should all be ready to give an account but it seems so rare today to meet someone who so sincerely wants to know and obviously this gentlemen was troubled enough to ask. I’ve been involved in mission work with a community development focus for some years. I returned with my family and started work at Mitre 10. I was explaining about the nature of the work we did overseas to a te member in his mid 50s, a new staff member and he said “Rob, why do you do what you do, what motivates you”?
    What a joy, we still had 10 minutes of our lunch break so I drew a breath, smiled and looked him in the eye and the “Christ” fell of tongue. I went on to explain how he had saved me from alcoholism and how he given me the gift of creating music and I just wanted to bless his creation with my life.

    I’ll never forget that day.
    Christmas is about giving and receiving everything on this world if its left to man he’ll tweak it to suit his own base and fallen nature.
    This present of Cjrist the saviour is something that will never be superseded by iChrist6 or some new platform or delivery system.
    You won’t find yourself looking at someone else’s Christ on the bus and wondering why your Christ doesn’t have that app or tilt the same way.

    The strangest this is the more you share of him the more you have
    Bless you all this Christmas

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