The cure for abortion…

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mother Teresa was famous for saying “fight abortion by adoption and care for the mother” and it got me thinking, aren’t we so quick to jump on the bandwagon to choose our side Pro-Life or Pro-choice when it comes to the debate about abortion, yet there are very little people who are will to take a stand or offer a viable solution other than “don’t do it”.

Isn’t it funny how quick we are to make a stand point on genocide, human trafficking and family violence in our society when we are removed from it.
It’s not real, it’s over there and we’re here… yet we have a strong opinion on it don’t we… why?
Because it’s a fingerprint of the creator on our soul… we know that it’s not how it should be… it shouldn’t be like this.
Yet when it comes to killing a human life before it’s had a chance to see the world, it’s ALL about us. It’s not about the baby or the life… it’s about what’s convenient for me.

Now I don’t want to reduce the pain some mothers have been through… maybe through rape or other forms of sexual violence… but I want to make sure that people realise that there is another option.

I’m sure people aren’t having abortions just because it’s cool or trendy… but because people think that they can’t house the child… or maybe feel they can’t cope with another baby… or even a baby at all… or even think that this new child will be a constant reminder of their pain.
Yet society pushes them towards abortion…

Could you imaging what the world would look like if we put the same amount of interest in saving a life as we did recycling or saving animals we may never see in rain forests…

There is a wonderful couple called Steve and Emma Dunne who are leading the way in adoption in Nelson, New Zealand.
They’re not interested in just adopting the most beautiful or the cutest… but adopting ANY baby from any mother that needs it… no mater how sick or needy the child is they are willing to adopt.

Steve and Emma started The Jeremiah Trust. The purpose of the trust is to provide some tangible options for every unwanted pregnancy in New Zealand.

Here is some of the ways they help mothers:

1. Legal fees providing potential parents to adopt unwanted children.

2. Advertising for unwanted children to NOT be aborted but to be received in adoption
3. Support for Mothers and Fathers who are prepared to keep a child and carry a pregnancy full term instead of an abortion.
4. To train prospective parents and provide training seminars, one off teaching on issues of LIFE.
5. To provide financial support for orphans in various countries including New Zealand, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Philippines and India.
You see it’s not just the mother that needs your help it’s both the Mother and the baby.
So if you’re a mother who is thinking of abortion as an option… or a family who would like a child in your life that you can love and look after… make sure you check out Jeremiah Trust first.
Wouldn’t it be great to actually have a viable option, rather than just being told not to?

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