Album Review: Luke Dowler “Polarized”

Luke Dowler ‘Polorized’ – released Sept 18th

I love hearing new music so when I was given the opportunity to hear the latest offering from Montana born Luke Dowler, I jumped at the chance. In a world where music is more about the strength of your computer programs than true talent it’s refreshing to hear music again that’s  raw and passionate…

“Polarized” starts off with the grunt and drive of a stadium rock anthem with the track ‘Coming Alive’ with a stadium style chant, a great way to start of an album and it’s the perfect entree to what Luke’s about to serve up… melodic, honest music that’s not leaving anything behind… there is blood on this record.

One thing I love about this record the more I listen to it… is the fact that it’s polished to the point of quality but still raw to the point of emotional integrity… and like a chameleon Luke molds and sculpts his favourite artist and influences through the album like a tightly knitted sweater.

“I wanna soul like a kerosene cocktail” rocks Luke before he heads into the chorus of ‘Perseus’ – or “I’m not afraid to sink or swim, I’m a collider” from the track ‘collider’ you see  these are the rawest of emotions that Luke isn’t afraid to take  head on and it’s that passion that is the motor that drives this album.

Just when you think that Luke is only a rocker… he breaks out a track like “Gun” that talks about how everyone wants to be King… everyone wants to rule the world “but you can’t change the world with a Gun”… it’s all temporary, it has to start with love.
And then to make sure he’s got you fooled he breaks out a great little pop ditty like “Umbrella” a fun song with a deeper layered lyric.

This is a great album, that has tracks on here that some bigger known artists would have loved to have on their own albums… it’s great to be able to listen to music that you know have been thought through and patiently worked on… crafted.

Luke talks about the things that are not only on his mind… but on the minds of those around him… Suicide, divorce, war on terror… even church and politics gets a look in. As Luke continues to grow in his craft it’s plain to see that this is an artist to keep an eye on, this is good… however I have a feeling there is something better stored up inside this rising star.
Watch this space!


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