Sola Fide…

Image of "Dawn: Luther at Erfurt" wh...

Image of “Dawn: Luther at Erfurt” which depicts Martin Luther discovering the doctrine of Justification by Faith. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There comes a time in our lives when we have to reevaluate why we’re doing things… especially when we’re talking about the relationship between US and GOD
You see it’s easy for us as Christian to forget about living in faith isn’t it?

We go to church…

We read our Bible…

We say our prayers…

We do good things for those around us…

And we read spiritual books and listen to Christian music…

The problem is not that we do these things… but that we don’t do them with faith in God.

It reminds me of the famous reformer Martin Luther… in a book of his life called “Here I stand” by Roland Bainton he was quoted as saying this:

“I was a good monk, and I kept the rule of my order strictly that I may say that if ever a monk got to heaven by his monkery it was I”

But then Luther came across Romans 1:17 “It is through faith that a righteous person has life.”Sola Fide – by faith alone… and from this came the rallying cry of the protestant reformation (the reason we have other churches other than Roman Catholic).
Even Luther came to the point when he realised there wasn’t anything… nothing at all… he could do except have faith in the Lord… give his whole life over in faith.

However the simple truth of Sola Fide… of living by faith alone isn’t based on the one verse in Romans… in fact it is scattered all throughout the Bible… if you don’t believe me, have a read of these verses below and just reflect on them…

  • We are Justified through faith… (Rom 3:30; Gal 2:16)
  • We receive Gods promises through faith… (Heb 6:12)
  • We stand fast through faith…  (Rom 11:20)
  • We are children of God through faith… (Gal 3:26)
  • The Holy Spirit is in us through faith… (Eph 3:17)
  • We receive righteousness through faith… (Rom 3:22)

We live through faith and we die through faith… everything else is just pointless… it’s meaningless… It makes no difference how ‘good’ we are… or how ‘good’ we think we are
When you give your life to God you’re dying by faith to one life… and it’s raised to life by faith in the resurrection of Jesus in our new life.

Sola Fide… Faith alone…
There isn’t any other option…

Do you have faith or are you playing a dangerous game of ‘playing Christian’ and going through the motions?




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