I’m just a beggar searching for gold…

I’ve had lots of people comment about my blog’s over the years…
are you telling me I should do this?
Or should I do that?

Here’s response to that… my story isn’t necessarily YOUR story. My journey isn’t necessarily YOUR journey. Please don’t read my blog as the answer to all your questions on life and your relationships with God and those around you.

I merely make observations on life, a lot of the time based on what I’m personally going through or thinking about at the time.

HOWEVER… if I may say this: If God has prompted you to think about what I’ve said then pray to him, read the Bible and talk to people you trust to speak into your life… but if God has placed something on your heart that just keeps prodding quietly at your heart, whatever you do, don’t let it rest until you have discovered what God wants to say to YOU.

The reason some of my stories resonance in some of your lives so well is best summed up by King Solomon… often regarded as the wisest guy who ever lived Solomon noted in Ecclesiastes 1:9 “History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before… nothing is new under the sun”

You see it’s not that I’m smart or know whats happening in your life… but because there is nothing new – what I’m going through or thinking about may be what you’re going through or thinking about.

So please read my words not as Gospel but as something that may help prompt God to stir in your life… and then go to God and let him reveal things to you.

I’m just a beggar searching for gold like everyone else.

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