I LOVE my work mates…

Dew-drop in bloom.

Bloom where you are planted…

You may have heard people say things like “Bloom where you’re planted”… basically it means you are in this position for a reason, make the most of it.
Surely we’re not just a work for ‘just a pay check’?
I love my work… but it’s mostly not because of the job… but the people and camaraderie.

I want to help the people around me, I want to see them thrive, I want my team to do well… not just for the sake of stats but as individuals and not just at in our work space but in their lives in general.

There are some people at my work who have not just become team mates or just good friends but they have become like part of my extended family… they’re more than friends. I don’t just want to show them what they can accomplish but I want to journey with them… I want to be the best support crew that I can be.

I love them

Recently I was reminded of a sermon I heard Tim Keller give where he broke down life in the work force into 3 parts and how it’s a more than just a ‘job’ but a vocation. Here is a Summary of what Tim said:

Look Out – what peoples needs am I drawn to?
What needs you are drawn too are usually a sign that God has laid something on your heart in relation to the need… you may very well be the person who is needed to be there at the time for that one purpose.

Look In – What Am I good at doing?
A good way to help the need that God may have placed on your heart is for you to look at what you’re good at… there is no point you cooking dinner for someone if you’re not a good cook… however you may be a great listener, and it could be that the best thing you can do is simply make yourself available to listen.

Look Up – pray, and have people who you trust to help discern the best need.
There is no point having a great plan if you don’t have God with you… It’s better to have 1 God idea than 10000 good ideas.

Your life is not a series of random events. Your family background, education, and life experiences—even the most painful ones—all equip you to do some work that no one else can do. – Tim Keller

“We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do“ (Eph. 2:10).


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