Did you realise just how Awesome you are?

Tall poppy syndrome

Tall poppy syndrome

I know you probably get this a lot… but do you realise just how AWESOME you are?

It amazes me that we live in a society where the people who are the best at what they do get knocked down… in New Zealand we call this the tall poppy syndrome, which means that those who raise their heads above the others get lopped down to size.
Do we realise how insane this is?

Surely it would be better for society if the best did well… and not only did well but then in turn helped those who needed help… but that’s not the case (generally… there are always exceptions) but what usually happens is those who do well keep it quiet so that they don’t gets mocked and brought down or go elsewhere so they don’t have to help those who insist that because they’ve done well they now owe society something.

I’ve been a social commentator in the past and I’ve been one of the knockers…
You see we’re all arm chair critics until someone asks us for answers to all the problems that we have just picked out.

The thing that really makes me upset is that it happens in our own homes... and we let it happen.

We’re letting ourselves and others let our pasts define us, we’re letting our family members our partners, our friends etc… tell us that we’re never going to be able to make a difference in our own live because of the mistakes we’ve made in the past…

Well I’m here to tell you… IT’S TIME TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!

The great thing I love about the Bible is that it is FULL of people like you and me who made mistakes… Take Paul as an example, he used to kill and persecute Christians and then God turned his life around and he ended up writing most of the New Testament. Peter denied Jesus 3 times and then ended up leading his Church.

You see where you’re going and what you’re doing aren’t nearly as important as WHO YOU’RE BECOMING.

Your mistakes are part of your human-ness they are the things that build who you are becoming… no one said it was going to be an easy ride… in fact Jesus said “you will have trouble”.
Yes the past mistakes will often come with consequences, some will be visible to the world and some will stick with us as hidden scares for a while… but they don’t define us, they are the rough edges that help make us smoother.

So it’s time to get up and start believing in yourself…
I don’t mean get cocky… I mean have confidence that you are who you were made to be because there is a bigger plan… you were made to be you… so why pretend to be someone you’re not?

I’m telling you… you’re awesome!

And believe me I don’t tell that to everyone! ;OP


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