Figuring out the Magicians tricks…

English: Yin yang

Is science and faith really like Yin and Yang?

Science vs Faith… I’ve never understood this debate.
Why do they need to be against each other?
Doesn’t one believe in truth… while the other is in search for it?

You see in our day and ages there seems to be an understanding that science and faith are opposite… like black and white, like heads and tails or yin and yang as if there was some invisible force separating them meaning we must choose one or the other.

Do you realise that The Bible doesn’t actually agree with this?

In 1 Corinthians 3:20 it says “The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise;  he knows they are worthless.”

God knows it all FIRST… any idea we have is only second hand.

You see truth is never our enemy… because true truth belongs to God, and nothing true ever contradicts God’s revealed word in the Bible… however as Matt Chandler wrote in the book Explicit Gospel “discovered truth sometimes contradicts the words of Christians”.

God knows everything there ever is to know… and any ‘new’ discovery is only dependent on God revealing it anyway, because it was an old idea to God.

We think we know it all… yet we are just little dust men and women… made from dust… our lives are just a blip.

We have more knowledge now than any generation before us… and it’s made us arrogant and we’ve let the ‘knowledge’ creep into our churches and our lives… and we’re now starting to think we can break God down into bite sized portion… or a bumper sticker or t-shirt… and we have starved ourselves of the AWE of God… the wonder of God. We’ve been like kids trying to figure out how a magician does a trick like it was something to figure out… but God doesn’t roll like that.

In Romans 11:33 we are told:

 “Oh, how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and his ways!”

We’ve made God just a little bigger than us and quite frankly that isn’t God…

Once we have come to the understanding on just how much we don’t have a clue about anything, and every new discovery is revealed to us … and how vast and huge God is then we can rediscover the awe and wonder that we are missing in our lives.


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