Losing our Leverage…

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Reading in Acts we see the start of the church… it was a movement, it was something that started off so small… but it grew into something that would change the World.

So where did it all go wrong?

Where did we lose our  leverage in the World?

We went from something that people wanted to be part of… to something that people are now turned off by.

We went from something that we lived… to something that we had to say to prove who we were.

So what happened?

Looking historically you would have to say it was when we got power.

In Acts people from all walks of life were drawn to what the new believers were doing because they lived differently… they loved one another… they supported one another… and it was different… it was new and it was something that drew people in.

But then people in power became Christians and we started to use our power… our influence to  force people to start to look to Christ… but it doesn’t work like that. You see it’s not power or influence that makes us different to the rest of the world it’s something different. In fact when we do look to those things we lose our leverage.

Now I’m not saying that if we are in a position of influence we shouldn’t use it to help others and use it for good… but the thing that made people take notice wasn’t power or position.

“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples” – John 13:35 NLT

People knew the Christians were different because they loved one another.

It wasn’t about judging others… it wasn’t about politics… it wasn’t about position… it was about showing LOVE.

You see sometimes I think we believe that it’s about forming political groups… or about online petitions…. but all these are just short term. They phase out… they die… they turn into something else.

But love is something we need to relearn… because it’s the thing that will draw others to us…

Because pretending that we have it all together’s not working!



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