Album Review: The Vespers ‘The Fourth Wall’

The Vesper - 'The Fourth Wall'

In a world full of electronic sounds, remakes and dub-overs, remixes and auto tune it is great to hear a sound that doesn’t manufacture a foot tap with a Phat bass line… but a sound that makes your soul smile with the simplicity of the song… the honesty of the band and the melody and rhythm that mirrors life….

There seems to be a ground swelling of people who are looking for ‘real music’ and bands like ‘Rend Collective Experiment’ New Zealand’s ‘Avalanche City’ with their single ‘Love Love Love’ the rawkus ‘Mumford and Sons’ and the list goes on…

Now you can add to this list ‘The Vespers’ Indie music’s new secret weapon… armed with ukulele, banjo, love and some really catchy tunes, you can expect hearing some more from this group.

‘The Fourth Wall’ is the bands second album and it has all the potential to do some great things… and while the album has moments of honey sweet sounds and effervescent bubbles of pop sensitivity there is so much more depth and width to this album that you feel yourself drawn into the music.

Like a lot of bands with siblings (lead vocalists Callie and Phoebe Cryar are sisters and Bruno and Taylor Jones are brothers) there is a sound of familiarity… not familiarity in the music but in the sound that is produced… it doesn’t feel forced but feels ‘worn in’… comfortable… nurtured and it is a real credit to The Vespers to be able to have you pulled into the sound.

This album is rooted in faith and in life… and the sounds echo that.

All through the album there is a real folk and roots sound often tinged with pop… or gospel… or bluegrass or gospel spiritual but it is organic and it is real and it is good.

This band is all about people and connecting with them and the title of the album ‘The Fourth Wall’ is a extension of that belief. The fourth wall, in theatre terms, is the invisible wall between the audience and performers… The Vespers are becoming masters of breaking down those walls… and with their great music… their honest lyrics and melodies to pull you in… this is the album to either break you out of your coldest Winter… or help lift your warmest Summer.

Here’s a taste of what The Vespers do best.


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