Album Review: Passion ‘White Flag’

Passion 'White Flag'

Something I look forward to every year is the new Passion CD recorded live at the Passion 2012 conference in Atlanta, GA.

One of the reason I love the Passion albums is the rawness of them… they capture in a real way the feeling of a generation, and the songs are often new and fresh and White Flag was no different, and really for Passion to survive it really has to change as every new year a new bred of Freshmen are brought into the University life… and Passion has to be fluid in that movement while at the same time loosing the message of Jesus Christ that has been with us for generations.

White Flag from the very first song places the stake firmly in the ground with Kristian Stanfill shouting

“I’m not ashamed of the one who saved my soul, from the rooftops… SING!”

And it’s powerful… it’s rocking… and it’s passionate.

After the initial strong start this album takes a bit of a detour to the other Passion albums… it’s starts to slow down, the first couple of songs are focused on Jesus giving his life for us and how we need to come to a place of total surrender to him… and the quietness comes to a point where Christy Nockles sings “How I love you, Love you Jesus”… It’s a bit usual for an album to head down that track so soon… but this doesn’t feel out of place on this album… it almost seems like the album is taking us to another place… and building us into the worship. It’s as much of a mind set change than anything else to, and it seems righht to praise God after singing of what he has done.

David Crowder Band leave the Passion scene (in this form anyway) with a track called  ‘All This Glory’ it’s a more upbeat number and breaks the album up nicely before it starts to slow down again…

This becomes a bit of a theme through the album… this is most certainly the most quiet and laid back of all the Passion Albums with songs like Chris Tomlin’s ‘Yahweh’ setting the tone… but there seems to be a real push and pull… just when you get used to the pace of the album you are thrown a faster song like ‘The Only One’ to snap you out of the quietness to remind you who you are worshiping before toning it down and pulling it back in a more reflective mood once again.

If you like the Passion CD’s then this is a great one to add to your collection…

However if you are a first time listener… and like worship music, that is light and more reflective that builds nicely, then you will love the CD (once you pass the first track, which may be more raucous than you are used to) .

What this album does do well is give us words to use to  help us proclaim our thanks for what God has done through his son Jesus.

Is it time for YOU to surrender?





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