Shining in the same place…

A powerful light shines in the dark.

Where do we shine our light?

I have nothing against Christian schooling… in fact 4 of my 5 kids started off in Christian schooling and like many Christians we wanted to give our Children a Christian education… and like many other Christians we used the excuse that our local schools weren’t up to scratch.

It soon dawned on me… as Christians the Bible says that we are “In the world but not of it…”, it says we were “sent out like lambs among wolves” – so here is the thing – why are we spending our time away from the world and not in it, and spending our times being lambs in a flock?

In New Zealand we are have Christian schools, were Christians get preferential options to be a part of that school while non-Christians have to be on a waiting list.

Isn’t this the opposite of what Christians are to be?

We have Non-Christians who want their kids to be given a Christian education… and we’re telling them no.

We have schools within our community that are struggling… and as Christians we are choosing to walk away from them. Wouldn’t it be great if the Christians had the kids IN their community… their kids in their local community schools… the parents on the boards of the schools.

As I said I understand the idea of giving your kids a good schooling… and I understand the idea of giving your children a CHRISTIAN schooling… but what if a true Christian schooling is actually in our community in our local schools and learning what it is to live as a Christian in a world that doesn’t see them as ‘normal’.

I myself have been apart of the Christian school system, and I loved it… however I know people who were part of the same system that have drifted so far away from God and the church that I have to wonder… what is the point of the Christian school?

We can’t teach our kids to live as leaders and role models within our communities if we aren’t part of those very communities that we are telling them to lead… because all that happens is that we find that our kids are out of touch of what people in the ‘real world’ are struggling with.

We can’t be a part of the change in our communities because we are choosing to stay away from them, we don’t mingle with them we don’t have contact with them and we wonder why we can’t reach them.

Our God sent his son to Earth to live as one of us… among us… he spent his time with those who needed him most.

How can we to change our world… if we aren’t in the world?



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