Rhythm of Life

In Prayer

Someone asked me why I did my prayer time so early in the morning, and I answered them “Because the first thing I want in my mind was God stuff…”

At the time is was more about first fruits, which is giving things to God first… however the more I think about it and the more I dwell about it the more I realise that it is only part of the reason.

For me it all started when I was looking to find time to spend reading the Bible and just meditating on Gods word, but I was always to busy at night, so I decided to bite the bullet and get up early in the morning… I was really eager at first and started getting up as early as 4:30… but I kept falling asleep… so I pegged it back a bit more (now 6:00 am) – but it’s great as long as I set my alarm it’s just me and God… there is very little chance of me being asked out for dinner, or have someone just ‘pop in’ – but just as important and anything it sets the tone for the day.

I wonder if part of the reason people don’t have a close relationship with God… is because they don’t have God as part of their rhythm of life. It’s so much easier to go out to the movies or to have coffee with someone than spend time with God.

Putting God in a regular part of your life… rather than just on Sunday.


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