We need a new normal

Jesus in Pray

It starts with PRAYER

I’ve recently been convicted (on a few occasions now) on these words from Jesus.

You will see even greater things than these.” John 1:50

Now the problem I have is not that I don’t believe the words, but I don’t SEE it happening, and I guess it makes me ask… Why is that?

I personally think it’s because we are an arrogant generation…

We think of God not as our King or as our Saviour… but as a Magician… and like the magicians we see we want to know how he did the tricks… We know it’s not REAL magic so how did he do it???

We think we know how he made the Earth we think we know how the miracles in the Bible happened, we think we can explain things away… however we are then stuck with a problem… our god that we see is only just a little bit bigger than we are… When the truth is our God is  bigger and stronger and more powerful than we could ever care or could imagine.

The truth is we are most likely the most educated church in the history of the church and we have lost the AWE of God… We’ve lost the WOW of God… and we’ve lost the faith it takes to look silly in believing that. We are educated way beyond our means.

Pastor Mark Batterson recently made an observation:

“I wonder if our faith is so subnormal that the normal of the Bible seems abnormal.  We need a new normal.  Prayer meetings should be normal.  Miracles that are the byproduct of prayer should be normal.  Radical conversions should be the normal.  But there is a price to be paid.  The price is prayer.”

Do we need to get out of our trying to crack the code of The Bible… to stop trying to understand why God would do certain things… and maybe just let God be God and rediscover the awe and wonder of God.

Didn’t Jesus say that we are to be like Children?

Lets put our trust wholly in God and let him start the miracle within us…

Lets start to let the miracle overflow from us…

Lets start fighting by getting back down on our knees and be audacious enough to ask God to start showing us the ‘Greater’ that Jesus was talking about.


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