Accepting the savior… but rejecting the KING.

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Rejecting the King????

I am super excited that our church is going to be talking about the “Kingdom of God”.

Those who have read the Bible and the things that Jesus talked about would know that the Kingdom of God was a big issue. In fact that was what Jesus talked about THE MOST.

The problem we face with it is… it all seems a bit cryptic, I mean I’m sure you could understand the plot of the first Mission Impossible Movie faster than this… and what has happened it has left us all divided standing in our own camps trying to argue if it’s now or later, here and now or then and there.

Now I have read a few books by people on the subject and they can be so varied… some say things like…

“The Kingdom of God is a spiritual thing… and we can fully realise it now, we can work miracles and we can do wonders” 

The problem with this is that… we all know that we are far from perfect and it would seem to me that Jesus was talking about things far more tangible… and not so completely spiritual and ‘fluffy’

I’ve hear someone else talk about it being about just the Church…

That’s great but that seems to make the Kingdom of God seem really really small. This theory to me makes it seem like Jesus took the whole Bible and reduced it to a bumper sticker… or took his prize Bull and turned him into a Beef Stock Cube. I don’t think Jesus would have wanted us to take the Kingdom of God idea and reduce it to such a small man sized idea.

And then I heard someone talk about the Kingdom of God being in the Future… nothing now… it’s all later. The Kingdom of God will only be realised in heaven.

However this doesn’t explain the miracles (that Jesus predicted)… it doesn’t explain why we have the Holy Spirit… there is a lot of loose ends, in this theory.

But here is the thing… I can understand why we want to box an idea like this up… I get that.

The Kingdom of God is a HUGE idea… and it’s not an easy one to get our little dust brains around. We are challenged by it… we are frightened by it…

The hardest thing for me the more I think about it is this…

We talk a lot about a God of love… about a savior… and it’s right, and good to do so… but here’s were it gets me… KINGdom

Jesus is not an elected member of parliament… he wasn’t voted in… he’s the KING.

That gives you NO wiggle room… and then if this is the case…

I once heard this phrase about 5 years ago and it’s stayed with me since.

What are the consequences of accepting the savior… but rejecting the KING???

Hmmm I may need some more Kingdom thinking…

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