Album Review: David Crowder Band’ – ‘Give Us Rest or (A Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys])

Give Us Rest (A Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys])History is always made by people who are pioneers… people who have decided that they are not happy with how things are… and so they go about changing the landscape. They don’t do it because they are trying to break new ground they are doing it because no one told them it couldn’t be done like that… and if they were told that it couldn’t be done, they kept on working away at it doing it because it just felt right. David Crowder Band are such pioneers… and now the journey has finally come to and end… and what more fitting end than with a Requiem.

This is a massive double albums, and covers the full spectrum of the musical landscape that has been covered over the years by DC*B… they say that when you die your life flashes before your eyes… and this is the closest to a musical flashback as you can get without having a best of album (yet).

Musically ‘Give us Rest’ sits somewhere between ‘Illuminate’ and ‘A Collision’… and along the musical journey that you are taken on you will see the subtle head nod to all of the albums in the DC*B library. The album was always heralded  as ‘an album that showcases the band’s unique music style and touches on worship, pop, rock, bluegrass and electronic genres’ no one ever denied the group couldn’t pull it off… they just wondered how  ANY band pull it off this well.

The album starts with foot steps into a Cathedral or large hall into a Requiem Mass and we hear the words in Latin ‘Requiem Aeternam Dona Eis, Domine ‘ or in English ‘Grant them eternal rest, O Lord’ – before starting into the first song proper ‘Oh Great God give us Rest’ which starts of with a feel like ‘Come and listen’ (from A Collision) or ‘Remedy’ (From Remedy).

As with any DC*B you are set to be left in surprise and awe and wonder as you get drawn into the music… but where I was left most surprised was with the set of sequences (1-7) … I don’t want to give to much away but take the time to listen to each one… and just  listen and get taken away on a ride that will almost leave you… breathless.

So… for two discs, you are pulled and pushed as David and his Merry men take you on a journey that will leave you searching… and I think that is what worship is about… sure worship is about sitting and resting in Gods grace, his goodness, his love… but worship is about discovery, and coming to a deeper understanding of who God really is.

On the journey you may find some of this album hard (both lyrically and Musically)… and you will find parts of the album that naturally resonate with your spirit, take in those songs – for me they were songs like ‘Let me feel you Shine’ and ‘God have Mercy’ – but take time to go back to the songs that you find hard (maybe lyrically and maybe musically… maybe both) but even in those moments rest in God’s wonderful grace and let God speak to your soul… growing in Worship… it sure makes some of the songs we song on Sunday pretty uninspiring.

Buy this album and listen to it first from Top to Tail… let yourself be taken on the journey, and then after that… you’ll never be the same.

Farewell David Crowder Band ‘Thank you for the Music’

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