New Years Resolutions: Time to make a change?

RESIPI’ve just sat through adverts for ‘pay to view’ TV companies telling me that if I sign up for a certain period of time they will give me ‘FREE’ channels for a couple of months… So why do they do this?

It’s not because they are generous… they’re doing it because they know that most people won’t change… most people like thing how they are… comfortable. You see we just can’t be bothered calling up to the have free channels cancelled… it’s not like we’ve forgotten… it’s just that life is too busy and cancelling a channel is somewhere further done the ‘to do’ list…

It even gets to a point where we start to justify why we’re not doing it…

However this leads to a problem:

If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you always got”

So going into the new year I guess the question we need to ask ourselves is this: are we happy with the way thing are now?

Some of you may think you are… until you dig a little deeper.

Here’s a list I picked up a few years ago that I find helpful to go through, and is something that I try and do at least once a year… New Years is just a really good reminder to do it again.

Take time to re-evaluate your life in these areas… R.E.S.I.P.

  • Relationally
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually
  • Intellectally
  • Physically

Is there something that you need to  STOP doing?

Is there something you need to START doing?

Sit back and have a drink and rethink your life… then RESIP… I like the visual image that this gives, a real sense of re-evaluation… a sitting and sipping on what needs to change on your life… I’m just disappointed I can’t find something cool to go with the phrase DECKCHAIR.

Then make things easier for yourself. The chances are that it will be hard work… so don’t make things even harder on yourself.

  1. Don’t choose heaps of things to change… just focus on one or two.
  2. Be honest… What do I MOST need to change in my life?
  3. Make the change… and be RUTHLESS… write notes for yourself on your mirror (or a place where you will see it every day… make it a screen saver it that helps), have someone you’re accountable too (It’s best not to do it alone)

So if you are READY to re-evaluate your life… it may be time to RESIP.

“Do or do not. There is no try” – YODA



2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions: Time to make a change?

  1. That article I was telling you about deals with making changes … ‘The Leade’s New Work: Building Learning Organisations’ by Peter M Sloan. He reckons the key to growth is the ability to ‘run experiments in the margin’. He talks about generative change that goes deep into the system and values under which we live rather than just reactive change that tweaks the existing situation. I like the way he talks about the principle of creative tension between current reality and our vision for the way things could be.

    • Thanks for the comment…
      I definitely believe in the ‘run experiments in the margin’school of thought. One of my own rules I live by is ‘Everything is an experiment’ it means it gives everyone an opportunity to ‘fail’ or to push boundaries to where they have never been pushed before.
      Read 1 Samuel 14 ‘Jonathan’s Daring plan’ there is this wonderful phrase that Jonathan uses “Perhaps the Lord will help us” – which is wonderful, because often we think ‘what if the Lord WON’T help us’…

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