Atheist tells the Christian story in Parliament.

NZ Green Party co-leaders, Metiria Turei and R...

The Greens co-leaders

In NZ we have a forum in Parliament where the opposition parties are able to state their ground, and the reason they are there, also to talk about the future for them, they call it the address in reply debate… as it’s in reply to the Governments first governmental speech.

The Green party leader Dr. Russell Norman, a renown atheist stood up and told the Christian story… in this case a lot better than some Christians I have heard. His speech was inspiring… motivating… stirring… however at the end I thought to myself, isn’t it all a bit idealist?

The speech was laced with all the feel good points you would expect from a good socialist soapbox… equality… fairness… end of poverty… and all these things are good, in fact these things are VERY good. So why was I left feeling like something was missing?

In New Zealand we recently had a National election (for those of my reader from overseas) and because I think everyone’s vote should be counted I researched heavily the policies of all political parties I though interested me. Reading through the two main policies I realised that these were based on the knowledge of what they could actually follow through on… or in other words if they got elected based on these policies could they deliver.

What I found interesting is that when I got to parties like The Greens I found that they were not policies but a glorified wish list… The Greens for instance in New Zealand had struggled past the 10% mark… and because of this they could list all the things that they would LIKE to do but didn’t have to deliver… so the list of ‘policies’ they had were to be used to barter for legislation with the bigger parties in Parliament and the Government itself.

The Greens did really well in the elections and got 14% which is a HUGE lift.

So why was I still feel like something is missing?

Well the ideals that Russell talked about are wonderful and grand and motivating… however he’s missed one really important point.

The reason this rag tag group of people were able to scare Governments and change the world wasn’t because they wanted what was right and fought for social justice… it was because they believed in a Holy God who as in Paul wrote in Ephesians “is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” – the frightening thing is Russell is basing his ideals on a God he refuses to believe in…

So let me ask you this… Who has got his back?

The Jews and then the other Nations who came under God, were backed by the creator of the Universe…

It doesn’t matter how much policy you put on things… if you don’t know God… then there is no God to create the miracles of Christmas. Many Christians can talk to you about the hundreds of times when God came through when no one expected it would… a lump of money arrives unexpectedly and is the exact amounted needed to fix your car… food delivered to your door, just as you finish the last loaf of bread… it’s happened to some of these people so many times now, they will swear to you that’s just can’t be a coincidence.

To finish I have to say that I like having the idealists in Parliament… they’re great. I just which they were part of the Government… not the main act… but a supporting role.

Why you ask?

Well the Government are usually very black and white in the way they see things often and a bit of colour to policy could be a really good thing… it’s a pity in New Zealand these groups are in opposition.

To hear the full speech see the video below:



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