Christmas: Good News. New Chapters…


Good News

So an Angel appeared to the shepherds (in radiance The Bible says) and said “Don’t be Afraid” … 

OK, for a start… it’s an Angel (not something you see every day) and the dude is glowing in radiance, and you want us NOT to be afraid???

But here is the thing… they said they were coming with “Good News”… and not just Good News for one bunch of people… but the Bible says “Good News of GREAT JOY for Everyone”


This was God signalling the start to the 2nd Chapter of the Good News Story… The first part of the story was God showing his loyalty and his father heart for his chosen people, however all through the first part of the story there is this amazing ribbon of Grace that shows God reaching out and saving other people… from Prostitutes to Kings… God already welcomed everyone into his family… but we missed the hints.

So what did he do?

He started a new chapter… 

And it started with a baby… in a manger… in a dark shed.

And this chapter is still open… the Ribbon of grace is still threaded through this chapter.

God sent his one and only son to Earth to die… for us…

die for me…

die for you… so that when we die… it’s not forever, but we are assured to be able to live forever… if we choose to accept the gift.

This is  the very heart of the Gospel message… and Gospel just means ‘Good News’

And do you know what?

The Angels were right…  when they said  “Good News of GREAT JOY for Everyone”

“Good News of great joy FOR EVERYONE

This is something to Celebrate… in a world were there are no certainties… isn’t it great to know that IF YOU CHOOSE you are able to have the assurance of eternal news.

Good News?



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