Life After David Crowder Band…

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David Crowder

On January 10 2012 the world will receive the last David Crowder Band album ‘Give Us Rest or (A Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys]).

This is sad news in the world of Christian music as DC*B have been on the cutting edge of making Christian music more accessible, they have made Christian Indie music cool again… they have pushed boundaries/styles/looks and feels of what is seen as ‘worship’ in a largely cookie cutter world of Christian conferences.

This is a band that with every new release you were excited because  you didn’t know what you were in for… it was “a musical journey” (to quote Larry Mullen Jr. from the U2 ‘Rattle and Hum‘ Rockumentary)

So when the final DC*B album curtain finally falls who will be left standing in the huge gap left?

From where I sit the David Crowder Band Empire has been split into two parts… a USA part and a UK part.

Ironically both bands are collectives.

Waving the USA flag is  the new darlings of the USA christian music scene  Denver based ‘Gungor’ led by Michael Gungor. Gungor have discovered a quirky style that continues to push boundaries, especially with their latest release ‘Ghosts Upon the Earth’ which is more like a complete piece… rather than an album of songs, more like DC*B’s ‘A Collision’ in it’s  approach… however unlike DC*B, Gungors album  ‘Ghosts…’ doesn’t really have that many ‘radio friendly tunes on it, in fact it’s quite dark in parts with lyrics like “I found you naked/I found you lying there in blood…/I clothed your body/I washed the blood and earth from your hair“. This is a groundbreaking album, but needs to be taken in it’s entirety. It needs to be noted that like DC*B you never know what is coming next and with albums like 2010 album ‘Beautiful Things’ there to show the bands creativity you can never count these guys out.

And in the Green corner heralding from Bangor Ireland is Rend Collective Experiment.

Now these guys are the joker to Gungor’s deep brooding… These guys are willing to be like King David in the Old Testament and get a little bit ‘undignified’… with their up coming album ‘Homemade Worship’  (released 10 January – yes the same day as DC*B’s last hoorah)  – If you haven’t heard of these guys before you may have seen their ‘How Great is our God’ played only on iPhones.

Rend are more of a whole Worship experience with themes of redemption, devotion and celebration, making them quickly grabbed by conference heavy weights Francis Chan and Shane Claibourne, and a US tour with Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio. The thing I love about these guys is that there isn’t any guessing where their focus is… and that is firmly on GOD.

Their music is honest and true and if you are a fan of groups like Mumford & Sons Snow Patrol and Arcade Fire then this is an album you want to soak in.

So there you have it… what has David Crowder Band done for Christian worship… it’s left it in great hands with Gungor (USA) and Rend Collective Experiment holding the UK… the world is musically a better place.




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