Album Review: The God Anthology

The God Anthology

I like the idea of concept albums… I don’t however always like the albums themselves. So when I heard National Community Church (N.C.C.) lead by pastor and author Mark Batterson was releasing an album around some of the attributes of God I have to say I was interested… I where do you start when you’re talking about God?

As it turns out the actual answer may be where would you finish talking about the attributes of God.

This is a really well done album, especially since it’s tackling such a huge topic… and by huge I mean immeasurable. The NCC team of songwriters and worship leaders have done a fabulous job in creating songs that really let you reflect on a different aspect of God, but not only that… but what it means to us as a body of believers, especially when God in our society is becoming more like a one trick ‘love’ pony.

Now I’m from New Zealand… a country that is renown for punching above our weight… claiming the first man to climb Mount Everest, when everyone else told us it couldn’t be done… and Peter Jackson creating the Lord of The Rings trilogy… but not only having the guts to attempt it… but do ALL three movies at the same time. And it’s with this gutsy determination that NCC have tackled a huge task in this album… and God has anointed it.

One thing the song writers have done really well is to not only give great melody… but also great lyrics that stay with you in your mind for ages.

For me… one stung extra hard in the Portishead tinged song attributed to a ‘God of Wrath’ called “Day of Rescue”

“A hanging execution
A ruthless resolution
Out of wrath true love has sprung

and it’s lyrics like this that are really cleverly thought out… and divinely inspired, as we often look to the Wrath of God negatively and even try to skip over it in the Bible, because it doesn’t fit our expectations of who God is.

And I’m grateful for this album… I’m grateful that along with Gods attributes like Love, Beauty, Mercy and faithfulness NCC have tackled wrath, jealous and the mystery of God.

This is a great album… go onto iTunes and buy it. Every single Christian should be listening to things that give us a bigger view of God, because “there is nothing more important than a right understanding of God.”

As A.W. Tozer once said

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

So lets think about God, and thanks to NCC we can do it to a soundtrack… WIN!



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