Volunteers fit new windows at The Sumac Centre...

People mucking in and helping out

I’ve been thinking A LOT about our discussions we have, and especially around our discussions about volunteers.

Why don’t we have many people volunteering?

Why is it the same old people?

And then what makes people stop what they’re doing and ‘volunteer’

Those sort of things…

One of the things I guess is about people who work for the church… “full time ministry” they get paid to help the church and help God… (at least that’s what it would seem to anyone who is looking in). The problem I have with this is that IMPLIES that everyone else is permitted to do part time ministry.

I’ve always had a problem with this and it recently came to a head while I was reading a page in Steven Furticks book Sun Stand Still – which I brought from Global Leadership Summit.

Steven said this:

“Jesus didn’t die on a part time cross, he doesn’t love us with part time love, he doesn’t cover us with a part time pardon for our sins, there is no such thing as a part time Christian, and there is no such thing as a part time ministry”

When I read this it was literally a moment when I thought (I may have even said out loud) “yes… that’s what we need” – “that’s what I’ve been trying to put into words”

(here I’m implying that sometimes I get lost for words… this is not completely true but you get the picture!)

You see I think it’s come to a point where people who have been part of church for a while  know that the volunteers are working to advance the kingdom… but I wonder if the volunteers (or those NOT volunteering) know the roll they play??

I’ve even caught myself saying “I don’t work here I’m just helping out…” or in other words I’m just a volunteer

I guess it’s made me wonder… what is our focus?

We’re not looking for volunteers… that has the wrong implications… we’re looking for something FAR greater.

I remember Ian Grant (from Parents Inc.) telling HPCC that he would encourage kids in the super market by just saying stuff to them like “wow what a great boy helping mum with the shopping I bet your mum must be so proud to have a strong boy like you helping her” – and then he would turn around and the young child would be being SUPER helpful…

I wonder if we do that enough at within the Church in general?

Are those who are getting paid by the church working as SERVANT leaders, lifting up our volunteers, training our volunteers, and helping them believe that they are part of an IMPORTANT part of helping to save souls? – And I don’t mean as part of their paid role to train but to really get beside these people with the knowledge that advancing the kingdom is often made possible BECAUSE of our volunteers.

They’re not just volunteers… They are “A connector to the current of the power of Jesus Christ”

I like that… it changes the view point…

Not a volunteer… but a CONNECTOR to the current of the power of JESUS Christ.


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