Album Review: Family Force 5 ‘III’

Family Force 5 - III

The album starts off with all the guts and glory that you would expect from Crunk Rock pioneers Family Force 5… straight in with a funky distorted guitar riff, and the words “Make a Big deal of it” shouted in the usual one part crunk, one part rock and a big dose of attitude… and as is shown from the off-roader on the cover it’s all in the aid to get you ready for a WILD ride.

Paycheck the second track on the album is less about the noise and more about finding a great groove… but that doesn’t mean that the depth of the writing is going to be any weaker, and as often is the case on albums like this the soul of the album comes in bite sized heart focused phrases like “I used to live my life for the discount, now I thank God for the hand out”

My favourite part of this album is the party cruncher “Wobble” this is a great party starter… and is FF5 at their funky dance floor rocking best… and is a great sample of how Crunk-Rock is taking the world by storm… but’s not all yelling and rocking, ‘You got it’ is like a Sugar Ray, Inner Circle and Jason Mraz collaboration… a Island reggae infused poolside band number… it’s the stuff that summer is made of.

One of the really high moments of III is the diversity the album shows, there is NOTHING that FF5 are afraid to touch… it’s like the ultimate mash up of their own sounds… it really is a trip through the best of pop/rock/rap/R&B music…

But in the middle of the rock and the summer swagger there is this amazing rock number called ‘Not Alone’ and it’s the ultimate rock number, the type that wouldn’t look out of place on a Bon Jovi or even Switchfoot album, and a real testament of the FF5 song writing ability, and a real heart searching track with the lead singer crying “I need you now, I want you now…To tell me that you’re not alone.”..  at this point you may be thinking have FF5 got all serious on me? And just to prove they’re the kings of the bait and switch they hit you with the track ‘Dang Girl’ – a real club stompin’ party poppin’ southern gritty rap style track to keep the momentum on the album dialed up to 10.

People have often asked me what is Crunk-Rock and here is the easiest way to explain it…

The attitude of Punk.

The swagger of Rap.

The fun of Dance/electronica.

The groove of Funk.

The guitar licks of 80′s Metal

And all of that is laced with a taste of the South…

Family Force 5 discribe it like this “Ghetto redneck music.”

This is a great album… a summer rocker… a dancefloor filler… a foot tapper and it may even be the remedy for all things that ail you.

If you’re looking for a fun album look no further… there are enough style and flavour on this album to save you money on the next 8 albums you’re gonna buy…



2 thoughts on “Album Review: Family Force 5 ‘III’

  1. I have never been a fan of this band. My first exposure to FF5 was onstage at Creation, where they encouraged the crowd to “shake your badonkadonk for Jesus.” This latest CD, with songs like “Dang Girl,” convinced me to pull their CD’s from my youth center. Their website makes no mention of God or their faith. It is sad, because I know that many teens enjoy this style of music, and FF5 has a big stage from which to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ.

    • It’s the age old question… What makes Christian music Christian…
      I’m a believer that there is no such thing as Christian music, as all music that we write glorifies God, regardless.of we’re writing about girls or dance moves.
      I wonder if a band like ff5 is just struggling to find the balance between “in the world and not of it” and in doing so leaning too far in one direction… Paul told Peter off in Acts for doing a similar thing
      Michael Tait from DC Talk (now newsboys) once said the hardest place for a young Christian to be is on stage in front of 1000s of screaming woman.
      I wouldn’t give up on FF5 just yet.

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