Why you have to discover for yourself…

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What bugs me more than most is when people join in an argument, about a topic… and then half way therough you discover that they are basing their argument on  the opinion of someone else.

The latest Rob Bell argument was a good example of this…

My thought is you can’t join the argument if you haven’t looked into the topic (or in this case read the book) as then you are only echoing a view of someone else… just like you would quote the word of God directly from what it actually says in The Bible… so that when someone says “ok so what was that in context to?” you can tell them?

If you quote something out of a book that you haven’t read there is no way you can follow up if someone asks you the context in which it was taken.

Can you?

But you haven’t read the Koran?

That’s right I haven’t… but I’m not going to have as debate on it… all I can do is argue what the Bible says.

The best people for this (that I have heard) are people who have read it (or were once Muslim) and then converted to Christianity… so they know both sides of the story and has an understanding of BOTH.

Anyway… all this got me thinking of some of the worlds top pastors… and more importantly

What does Google say about some of the top pastors in the World… 

Now I pick a few people who I though are pretty theologically sound and chucked in a few randoms and found that according to Google… every preacher in the world today is pretty much a False teacher or heretic… and to make this social experiment legit here’s the proof…

Rick Warren

Mark Driscoll

John Piper

For the record I also put in Rob Bell (who I knew was gonna come out bad – according to Google) and a few other controversial names…

So what does this all mean?

Does this mean we shouldn’t read anything apart from whats in the Bible?

To be honest I think the way Google search engine gives us the results tells us more about ourselves than about the people we ‘Google’… I wonder if when the focus is on a certain topic… or even on a certain person – I wonder if it might be a good idea to have a look into what they are saying… and this doesn’t mean that you should believe every single thing that they say or that you should become a ‘fan’ on Facebook…

And then HERE is the crucial part weigh what they say against Scripture, without relying on Google or one critic’s blog post to tell us what to think… or what to believe.

What happens when we take snippets of the argument is that we often throw the baby out with the bath water… take for instance the latest Love Wins debate…

Do I agree that the church has leaned to much towards the Judgement of God and less about the Love of God? yeah I do, and I have often thought about it, but it also needs to have the justice message as you can’t separate Justice from Love when you talk about God.

Do I agree of Rob Bells view that seems to be that people who go to hell get a second chance later on? No I don’t, and that’s ok, it seems to be walking a little too close to universal-ism for me… however I do believe in a God of grace, and I believe he desires ALL of us to enter the kingdom of God and in the end that is something I don’t have to worry about.

But unless I look into what the ‘hot topics’ are I am only going off someone elses view and that view is ALWAYS tainted by their own individual past… so why not look into it yourself with your own eyes and see for yourself (or as the bible says “Test all things”) – because if you don’t… then according to Google everyone’s a heretic and false teacher.




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