Why do you love me?

I love you because

Image by Scarlet O. via Flickr

Have you ever been in a relationship where someone has asked you the question “why do you love me?”

The correct answer is NOT “because you’re pretty, and you’re smart, and you’re intelligent and you are more fun than all the other girls I met… we have so much fun together” – why not say those things, they sound like good things to say?

The reason you don’t say those things is that you have just put a value on your love… you have said ‘I love you because you’re smart, and witty and intelligent” – that means that for the person you love to feel like they’re loved, they have to keep doing those things… they have to keep up appearances… because THOSE are the reasons you love them.

I recently heard someone answer that question “Why do you love me?” with this answer and I thought it was very very cool… they said this “I love you babe, just because I love you

Now that is cool… love with no strings attached, and it’s not just words or sweet talk either… because there IS NO OTHER WAY for love to operate.

And it’s like that with God… God love you soooooo much… just because HE LOVES YOU.

And THAT factor will transform you and transform your life… if you PERSONALISE IT.

God loves you because HE LOVES YOU… he chased you down, and died for you for no other reason than the fact that God loves YOU.

There are no strings attached like the other relationships that you may have been in…

You don’t have to ‘put out’ once a week…

You don’t have to cook…

You don’t have to hang out with his/her mates…

You don’t even have to look the best ALL the time…

God loves you – just because God loves you.



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