The Great Facebook debate…

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About a week ago I made a dig on Facebook, regarding The All Blacks and the failed Telecom ‘Backing Black’ promotion… it was aimed to be a social experiment (just to see how divided people were on the topic)

What started out as just a ‘dig’ turned into some theological debate and if I was to be honest it was embarrassing day to be a Christian.

Now for the record both sides (of the debate) were correct… it was essentially about words vs actions. (I believe we need to aim somewhere in the middle).

Since the original dig was to be part of a ‘social experiment’ I decided to let it go and see where the rabbit warren was leading too…

And it wasn’t pretty…

Now I usually keep all theological stuff in blogs that way  people are just answering to me… and only me… but the debate grew on Facebook… so I let it grow.

The problem with a medium like Facebook is that when you make a comment it’s not to Me (or You) it is to the ‘Facebook Massive’

In hindsight… that was stupid.

However… it was interesting.

Yeah there was name calling (some from me… if I am to be honest) – some extra digs were also made to keep the discussion going.

All the time this debate was going on I had people (all of which weren’t Christians) texting and Private messaging me asking me who these ‘crazy Christians are?’ and someone even made the comment ‘this is why I don’t like Christianity’… and that makes me sad

In the end the debate petered out… with no real ‘winner’.

I have since deleted the post… it was embarrassing on soooo many levels.

What I found interesting is the reaction I had from Christians afterwards.

Some people where saying… “wow that debate kept going” or “why didn’t you end that sooner?” or “I’ve been talking to other people about the debate and we agree that it was embarrassing” – and to all these things I can’t disagree…

So here’s my question…

If we are aiming to live as Christians in a Christian community… then why did I not have one ‘Christian’ private message me and say “Dude you really need to get rid of this thing” or “hey mate this is just getting embarrassing you should stop this…” 

But NO… not even one Christian made that stand.

The ‘Christians’ that chose to make ‘a stand’ were the stand on the Facebook link – to “make a point” or to try and “focus the debate”

So just how close are we as Christians?

Are we willing to pull one another up… in private… or are we just going to continue to make a point in a public forum?

I guess it also brings up another question…

As Christians… how do we use ‘social media’ to spread the Gospel message… with out just ‘making a point’?

I mean anyone can make a point… right?

So how do we use social media to make a change?


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