Looking out while looking in…

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I’ve been around a lot of churches in my life… and I have spoken at at few… and I have found one thing to be true for lots of them.

They are either really good at looking after themselves… but they neglect the community…


They are all for getting out in the community and all about mission but they are really bad at looking after themselves.

Our church recently had two weeks that we called ‘Go Global’ a chance when we can look at what we are doing outside our own country and supporting mission. It was AWESOME to see some of the AMAZING work that people are doing in places like Laos, India and Indonesia.

You see we feel good when we see us lending a hand to things that we see are a need. We look at the plight of Africa with it’s  famine… we see the pictures and we think “I need to help that cause”…

We see pictures of destruction in Canterbury and we think “I should help…”

And for the most part we are really good at chipping in and helping these areas… however I wonder how good are we at looking after those who are closest to us?

The people who may seem like they have it all together… but who’s lives are slowly dying?

The people who we stand to next to at church and sing “All things are possible” when the person standing next to you feels like their life is slowly becoming impossible.

I don’t think we’re that great at looking after each other… it’s often easier for us to help those on the other side of the world because we don’t have to engage… we don’t have to stay long… we can do our part and move on.

But relationship… that’s hard.

Remember when Moses was taking the Israelite people out of Egypt into the promised land?

They spent a good 40 years in the wilderness bickering and complaining… and these were Gods chosen people.

These are the people we’re forgetting about in our society… our neighbors.

We talk about living in community… but if we really looked around we’re not that good at it… we’re only hanging with the people we LIKE, and even then I bet you couldn’t tell me the hard stuff they are currently working through i their lives.

What are you doing to get to know the people next to you, at  work? church? The bus? The plane ride?

Lets change the world…

Yes lets go to ALL Nations…

Yes lets live in slums…

But lets live in our communities… as a part of our communities. 



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