You’re probably better than me…

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It dawned on me recently that because Jesus dies for me… and rose again… and paid a ransom for my sin.

I am no better than anyone else… I’m only saved… not because I’ve done anything… but because of what God has done through his son Jesus.

Yeah… “so what?”, you may ask…

You see every other religion (except Christianity) you have to preform… you have to do a certain amount of tasks, pray a certain amount of times, do certain rituals etc… and the upshot of that is that people in other religions become superior in their thinking… after all – they are doing things that they believe will get  them to heaven… they look down on people, and it can create oppression… in fact we can see that in many countries overseas where Christianity has been pushed away.

Well lets move away from religion you say… but I have bad new the secular world isn’t much different… you have the secularist who also think they are superior looking down at the moralists saying “we’re enlightened… you’re holding on to primitive religion” – and the moralitsts are saying “You are too secular”… both think that they are ruining society…

the gospel is the only faith system that I know that leads you to believe that people who don’t have the same belief system as you will be better than you…


Yes… the gospel says you’re not saved because you’re wise, or influential or good, or because you’re doing good things or doing relious things. You’re saved because Jesus is the way the truth and the life… and no one is saved but by what Jesus has done. You have to admit you’re no better than anyone else… and you are a bottom rung scum of the earth sinner…

In fact, people from other religions may very well be better than you… wiser, kinder, more generous, more disciplined, have more self control, and too be honest more often than not… they are all those things!

Timothy Keller says:

Every other system of thought would lead you to believe that you are better off than the people who don’t believe the right things.

BUT… when you believe the Gospel, you are humbled to the people who don’t believe what you believe… the Gospel HUMBLES you…

What other system does that?

What other belief frees you to just be YOU… You’re not better than anyone else… you are just saved.

Because to God you are just as important as a King or a child or even the most devout person to ever live…

Because of this it makes the Gospel the MOST INCLUSIVE religious system… but it’s more than a religious system… more than a faith system… isn’t it?


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