Everyone’s a Critic

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Show’s like Masterchef have shown that it’s OK to be criticized… why?

I think it shows the contestant not only what they have done wrong… but how best to grow.

So why don’t we like to be criticized?

Because it hurts?

It’s uncomfortable?

It makes us look at ourselves… and we may not be as good as we would like to be…

To be honest criticism can cut us down, and often it can cripple us… We know it shouldn’t but it does, because often people are criticizing what we have put our own hard work into… our own blood, sweat and tears.

Our hard work can be dismissed in just moments 

Not all criticism is good so we need to be discerning…

Was it given in love?

Was it from someone you are willing to let speak into your life?

Do you remember in the book ‘The Horse and his Boy’ by C.S. Lewis when two horses where racing back to Archenland to warn the king of their enemies who were arriving unexpected?

The story says that they were running fast… but not as fast as they could go.

Until… a Lion jumped out of the thicket and chased after them… all of a sudden the horse found out they could run a lot faster. Later, we learn the lion was Aslan himself, scaring the horses to run at their true speed as they needed to go faster because of the pursuing army.

C.S. Lewis is showing us a great picture for how criticism can be of benefit.

What if criticism is our Lord in disguise?

Pastor Dave Dorr says

“We might fancy ourselves as very loving people indeed, patient and forbearing — until we get criticized. Then we justify our lack of love (keeping a record of wrongs), by their lack of love (“don’t they know a Christian is supposed to be loving?”).

When Aslan chased Bree (one of the Narnian horses), Bree found he wasn’t as noble as he supposed. And this was all the better. For Bree learned that his estimation of himself was not who he was and his happiness didn’t depend on his estimation of himself.”





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