Has Hell Changed? Or Have We?


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This is the last in my ‘Hell series’.. as I  think about Hell and what happens after we die.

It’s been a challenging topic and fun at the same time… Let me be clear I  am not an expert on this matter by any stretch and these are just my own ponderings.

But here’s what I think…

Everyone who believes the Bible seems to agree there is a Hell (of some sort!)

Hell is tough to read about, study or talk about. However, we must read about it, talk about it and study it.

I don’t think that Hell has changed over time… just our view of it. Often we hear “I don’t think…” or “I don’t want…” the reality is it is not just about what “I” would wish Hell could be like.

The topic of Hell is too important to get wrong… and I would much rather aim for a little bit too strong than water it down with Doctrine that is more what the World wants to hear… or maybe just what WE want to hear.

It is wrong to make someone feel bad about Hell through manipulation, but it is also irresponsible and selfish; however, to  forget that peoples lives are at stake

Francis Chan says:

“This is not one of those doctrines where you can toss in your two cents, shrug your shoulders, and move on. Too much is at stake. Too many people are at stake.”

This is not just about doctrine; it’s about destinies.

While hell can be a paralyzing doctrine, it can also be an energizing one, for it magnifies the beauty of the cross


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