Hell… the series Part 1

hell 80680


Cue the undertaker!!!!

There has been lots of talk about what happens when we die… and more to the point, HEAVEN and HELL.

So over the next couple of days… I’m going to explore a bit My views (and please understand these are my views) on where I think I stand on the whole issue of HELL especially.

So lets do the very first Screaming Goose Series…

HELL… why not! I hear you say!

I’m wanting to look at a couple of things… like for instance

  1. What happens when we die? … (commonly known as do we get halos and harps)
  2. Bus ride but no ticket… (What happens to non-Christians)
  3. Hell (not just stuck in a broken lift listening to only Celine Dion!)
  4. Would a loving God send good people to hell?
  5. A Tolerant God love gypsies, tramps and thieves (thanks Cher)
  6. Hells pretty mean don’t you think??
  7. Isn’t eternal damnation pretty steep for a parking ticket violation???
  8. Do people who have never heard of Jesus go to Hell?
  9. Am I going to Hell?
  10. It’s all about the soul… so what the heck is my soul?
I may not get through the list…
I may merge some of the things in the list…
we’re gonna hopefully have a HELL of a good time doing it!!!

One thought on “Hell… the series Part 1

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