Death and All his friends…

Angel of death on the roof of the mausoleum of...

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Today I got news that a good friend had passed away during the night.

I was gutted… she was a great family friend, I was left feeling hollow…

When someone dies it’s hard not to think about your own mortality isn’t it. Things like:

Is that it?

Is death the finish?

Does death win in the end?

Is death ‘it’ after leading this life?

Do we believe there is more?

I don’t think death is it…

I don’t think death is final…

I think death… is the beginning.

You see once a year we sing songs about a victory over death… a victory that made a way for us to live for eternity if we choose to accept it.

“But that’s just stories… that’s just religious hoo haa” you may say.

It’s something more than just stories… or religion… it’s history. You see when you start to read the stories in the Bible about the death of Jesus they are littered with descriptions that aren’t in other story of it’s type from that time… they are filled with eye-witness descriptions… and then just when you think, they could have been added later… you then have to contend with the HUGE fact that at least 500 people saw a resurrected Christ.

They had seen him die… just a few days earlier… and now he was alive. Walking… Talking… BREATHING…

Jesus had defeated DEATH…


We shouldn’t just be singing about it at Easter time… we WIN!

WE win… as we live this life we are on our way to freedom if we choose to accept it.

The wages of SIN is death…

All you need to do is take off your SIN baggage… give it to the ONLY one who can take that dirty past away from you and give you a new life… a life that leads you to the beginning.

The Novelist Chuck Palahniuik once said “The first step to eternal life… is you have to die”

And I would have to agree…

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