Album Review: The Adults

The Adults

I love New Zealand music… Its great because unlike the music that comes out of the USA or UK, it isn’t scared to bring in styles from all walks of life.

So with that in mind you can understand why I was excited by the prospect of Jon Toogood, doing a solo album… especially when there was talk of it being stuff that didn’t fit on a Shihad album.

Well the intention was a solo album, what ended up happening is the birth of New Zealand’s own (and maybe the first) super-group.

So who are ‘The Adults’… well apart from Jon Toogood (Shihad) there are Shayne Carter (Dimmer), Julia Deans (Fur Patrol) , Tiki Taane (Salmonella Dub), Anika Moa & Ladi 6, as well as a few others… from a kiwi stand point this is a great group.

Ok… so what’s the MUSIC on the album like???

To be honest… it starts off like a stripped back Shihad album… “Yes!!” I hear the little metal-heads shouting… sit that little mullet head of yours down… the rest of the album is a bit different.

The thing that really makes this album great is the fact that there are so many different sounds and different voices that can be heard, it’s almost more like a NZ music soundtrack, than a solo album or a ‘band’ album.

The Main highlights are… The sonic soul stomper that has been made famous by YouTube is the Ladi-6 lead track ‘Nothing to loose’… this is by far the stand out track on the whole album, it drives and is just DARN COOL!

The duet with Julia Deans for ‘Anniversary Day’ is just a really nice well written song… and a real “Awwwww” moment along with the Anika Moa lead song ‘Sleep me Tight’.

There are a couple of songs that sound like they could have been of a Headless Chickens album in ‘Up and Gone’ and ‘Long way off’ … (so for those that are playing at home Shihad + Dimmer = Headless chickens apparently)

This is a great album… that is different enough to be interesting, like I said earlier… it reminds me of a NZ soundtrack album, all the songs sound like they fit together like a movie does a story line… however it doesn’t sound like just one band…

Have a listen… it’s good.

This could be the album that get you through winter… and help Canterbury learn to rock again!

8 1/2  out of  10


One thought on “Album Review: The Adults

  1. I’m a Kiwi living in the US and wondered if anybody knows of somewhere I can puchase a digital download version here? I don’t seem to see it in iTunes or Amazon in the US.

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