Album Review: Beyoncé ‘4’

Beyoncé '4' - released June 27

Everyone knows that former Destiny’s Child front woman Beyoncé has a great voice… the girl doesn’t sing… she ‘sangs’ she has power, she has the range, and the moves to match…

So Beyoncé has a lot to live up to as her last album ‘Sasha Fierce’ boasted at least 4 singles that made it into the top 10 around the world (If I were a boy, Single ladies, Sweet Dreams and  ‘Halo’)…

So what does the album ‘4’ have to offer…

Well due to a series of leaks lots have people have pretty much heard the whole album…

Tracks like the Prince tinged ‘Party’ produced by Kanye West and featuring Andre 3000 (outkast)… and the Boyz II Men infused track ‘Countdown’… have been easy to find on the net well before they were even mentioned as part of a Beyoncé new album.

To be perfectly honest this is a really really honest R&B album… with all the soul, and heart that you would expect from a classic soul record… As I listened to the album a couple of times I thought… this song could have been a classic mo’town track.

Beyoncé certainly tips her hat to some of the classics like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder & the Stylistics all classic R&B sound’s mixed with her obvious ear for what works for her doing her best Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin and Adele.

Beyoncé chose to start off the album with a really stripped back track ‘1 + 1’ singing “Make love to me”… this is great as it really sets the tone for the album as a classic R&B album… maybe Beyoncé  is vying to knock Barry White off his perch as the number 1 artists to make love to.

The world was introduced to the new album with the release of ‘Run the World (girls)’ and it’s drum heavy arrangement after a series of leaked segments (and eventually the whole song) hurried the release date… ironically this single is the least like the rest of the album, and if we are going to be honest it’s not the best Beyoncé track that she’s ever released… although it would have given her heaps of $$$ due to the club lovin’ beats.

To get a better feel of the album the second single ‘Best thing I never had’ is a better gauge, and has that real Babyface style feel to it’s songwriting and arrangement… think of that early R&B style like R&B groups like New Edition, Tony Toni Toné.

This album is summed up with just a few sentences… a great classic R&B album that is firmly rooted with one foot in the past standing on the shoulder of giants… while firmly striding forward to R&B’s new destiny.

If you’re tired of the watered down pop R&B that is dominating the charts at the moment… then this is the remedy for you.



4 thoughts on “Album Review: Beyoncé ‘4’

  1. I like that you have such a wide musical tasting. Much respect.
    Good review. I’ve never been much of a Beyonce fan (my sister thinks she’s Beyonce though), but I feel tempted to listen to this one.

    🙂 L

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  4. Everybody go to Youtube. Beyonce and Nicky Minaj are o n a remix of her leading single Run the World Girls toigether. This guy name Fyuchur produced it. Its Hot!!! Both of their fans love it

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