fan… or follower

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Fan? Or Follower?

There are so many people in the world who are ‘fans’ of Jesus and his words…

People who are fans of the good works he did…

People who are fans of what he achieved…

A fan wants an someone they can go to every now and then, you know when they want something from them…  they’ll be friendly and maybe even in awe of that someone… the problem is once they are gone, the connection is over.

The person goes on to live their life and the fan relives their life… sure it may now be a bit better with a photo on the wall,  a signature or even an article of clothing… but someday the buzz wears off and you move on to your next idol…

Fame is fleeting…

You can be a fan of a lot of things

A fan of a band, a sports team, writer, a public speaker… but they have fame only in seasons, segments of your life.

A follower wants a relationship.

Once you decide to follow you choose to give something up… and because you’re working towards a relationship, it soon becomes a two way street.

But here is the really cool thing… you are the follower of someone who not only wants a relationship but he wanted to have a relationship with you first… even before you choose to have a relationship with him.

A fan may get glimpses into the life of a famous person… fan clubs/twitter/Facebook… etc

But a follower… someone with a relationship gets to be part of the exciting life of the famous person

And do you know what? In the case of Jesus… you get to be apart of that family.


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