Album Review: Eddie Vedder ‘Ukulele Songs’

Eddie Vedder 'Ukulele songs'

In their song ‘December’ Collective Soul once said “Don’t throw away your basic needs… ambiance and vanity” and  it would seem that Eddie Vedder has been taking some of  that advice, creating an album that gives ambiance while fueling his vanity.

As a bit of a rest from his day job ‘Pearl Jam’ Eddie has gone for something completely different… while Pearl Jam is known for it’s ‘grunge’ based tunes ‘Ukulele Songs’ is… well a man singing to Ukulele songs. Think of it has Eddie Vedder sharing his new songs round a camp fire and you get close to what this album is all about. almost like one man stripped back versions of Pearl Jam songs.

Just because it’s a stripped back album doesn’t mean that Eddie is going to let go of any of his dark thoughts and self loathing but in songs  like ‘Satellite’ Eddie shows that he can craft a love song too.

The album is already making waves in countries like Australia buying it in bundles making it to the Top of the Australian country charts.

For me this album just started to sound the same… as one commentator put it… one man his thoughts and a ukulele. It starts to come across as completely self indulgent… and maybe that’s what Eddie needed after decades of writing for a band.

The album finishes with the ukulele stalwart song ‘Dream a little dream’  made famous by the Mama’s & the Papa’s in 1968… but to be honest it sounds like a whiskey fueled man slurring his way through a classic.

You’ll love this song if you’re a fan of the new dirty folk sounds that are becoming popular these days… or if you are a huge Pearl Jam fan looking to fill your collection.



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