You annoy me… and I LOVE IT!!!

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People are so opinionated… One of those opinionated people is me.

I mean seriously I have my OWN blog site… to talk about the things that are on MY mind… about things that challenge ME!

opinionated! – yes I am… (not proud about it just aware!)

But believe it or not I love being challenged…  I love the debate… why?

Because when I don’t know, what I don’t know and are confronted with that fact… I am challenged!

Have you ever laid awake thinking… “how could someone think something like that?” or “What were they thinking?” or even “why do they always seem to be against me”…

Good chances are you’re in the process of growing.

God brings people into our lives that help us to grow in an area…

For me who is someone who is black and white in my thinking… he brings people into my life who are less defined in their thinking (I call it grey) … it’s a clash, however it brings an understanding from both sides.

An Administrator who wants to be more people focused… is placed in a job where they have to stop what they’re doing (leaving their lists behind) to serve a person… sometimes even face to face (shock horror)

Or God teaches patience by bringing someone into your life who is the  most annoying person you have ever met… or is late all the time… God doesn’t just hand out these gifts, they are often the result of hard work.

So be careful what you ask God for… because he may answer your prayer.

There’s a Proverb that says “Iron sharpens Iron”… 

It can often feel… painful… uncomfortable… sometimes heated… feels like a constant nagging… short sighted… and can get hot!

But do you know what?

When you start to soften and start to see where the other person is coming from you start to expand… expand your mind… your thoughts… your actions.

You don’t have to agree on EVERYTHING the other person says… but remember this:

If they have said something that is really annoying you… it may very well be because you need to grow in one area… and God has chosen this ‘annoying person’ to help you through that painful growing process!

Thank God for the annoying people!


5 thoughts on “You annoy me… and I LOVE IT!!!

  1. I have much love for annoying people. But there’s being genuinely lovingly annoying and being annoying for the sake of a good stir. The latter is often the person who doesn’t engage in as much listening as they do talking.

    Iron sharpens iron for sure, but not when iron thinks it’s iron when it’s actually wood.


    • I agree…
      I agree that being annoying for the sake of being annoying is dumb….

      However you need to know a persons heart.

      Take myself for instance I love community and I want to see people grow… BUT I think in questions, and I like debate because both make me seek and both make me grow in ways that are uncomfortable…
      I know that sometimes it can come across as pretty harsh (and I’m learning to dial it down) but because I’m in debate and standing by my own views it doesn’t mean I’m not listening.
      In MY case I’m actually in the process of finding out what people (including myself) REALLY think… I’m growing.
      Sometimes by standing by our own views it shows us just how shallow your views actually are…
      Have you ever been in a debate (or a passionate discussion) with someone who has been giving you the standard ‘safe’ questions… and it’s only when you pushed a little further that people tell you what they REALLY think.
      Or have you started supporting your own view only to find that you hadn’t thought it through as much as you believed you should… and you’re left with nothing much to say??? I have and some of those times have been the biggest learning curves I’ve ever had.
      There have been many times where I have come out of debate rethinking why I think a certain way… there have been other times when it has gone the other way.

      If you are in a Jewish culture you would see Rabbis debating passionately over one word or phrase… that is how much they want to get it right… are we they passionate about getting it right or are we just going to settle for the latest trend?

      Don’t get fooled into thinking that just because there is a heated debate that no one is listening… often people think about it afterwards.

      The proverb “Iron sharpens iron” is in relation to friends…
      “As iron sharpens iron,
      so a friend sharpens a friend” Proverbs 27:17
      which is where it’s best to sharpen each other… in a safe place (with friends)… isn’t that what you are wanting from the well
      Friends need to test each others views… for each others safety – or it’s only ignorance teaching ignorance.

      Who’s job is it to judge which part of someones life is wood?
      Or is it just splinters in our own eyes?

      if we are feeling like someone is being annoying I guess we need to ask these questions
      a) are they just being annoying?
      b) are they searching for answers and we’re not given them so they keep asking… they keep digging?
      c) are they wanting to hear what you REALLY think?

      It’s a lot to think about…
      I’m loving your blog by the way… keep it up!

  2. 🙂 Sorry if it seemed like a dig. That wasn’t my intention… it was simply an expansion of what you we’re saying in your original text.

  3. ha ha… I certainly didn’t take it as a dig. – it just made me think about the topic more… conversations unravell ideas for me… although I just relised I created a new blog post with that last answer… lol

    In saying that I know I can sound like I’m prodding at someones theology… and I know that can get annoying too.

    Have you heard of Socrates? He prodded at peoples beliefs and the people posioned him… because it got too close to home.
    I hope I’m not like that!

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