Are you getting bored with main stream hip-hop?

Graffiti "Hip Hop" in Eugene, Oregon.

Image via Wikipedia

Do you like hip-hop but are tired of hip-hop that is dumbed down by people who think that hip-hop means they should glorify drugs, they should beat up their women, who think it’s cool to beat up on someone and who give a one sided slanted view of politics based on the need to legalise drugs of some description.

Then I have some great news… check out the awesome hip-hop artists at this site has some great artists that are inspiring and are clean… Isn’t it great to able to share your love for hip-hop to your kids and play it in the car without having to skip tracks that are full of profanity?

Or isn’t it great to be able to teach your kids that all hip-hop doesn’t talk about their mum as a ‘bitch’ or a ‘whore’… and who’s artists work hard at finding words that express what they feel rather than settling for the first F**k word as a filler!

If you would like to know what to expect I’ll let Propaganda and Odd Thomas what to expect from their new record.


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