The great obstacle race.


We had some wood and tyres lying round the back yard… So the kids made a neck to neck obstacle race. The best balance and the best speed wins.


David Crowder Band… the final countdown.

David Crowder Band

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In a statement on the David Crowder Band Website… the band made the following statement:

We have several things to let you know about,

First of all, we can’t begin to express how excited we are getting about The 7 Tour this fall. If you haven’t heard yet, we’re doing a national tour with some of our favorite artists ever. Gungor, John Mark McMillan, and Chris August are joining us, and we cannot wait to be in the same room with these folks night after night. We’re pretty sure you’ll want to be at every single one of these get-togethers. “Unreasonable!” you say? Well, not to us. That’s why we’ll be there every single night. Seriously, we, the band, are all getting on a bus and following the whole thing around for like 3 months. It’s going to be awesome.

Now, another reason we are sure this will be one of the most meaningful tours we’ve ever been on is because it will be our last as a band. This is why we so cleverly named it The 7 Tour. We’ve always hidden this little number here and there in our music and artwork, sometimes it would appear in the sum of the numerals 3 and 4, and other times it would be sitting there outright, but it’s always been with us. As you know, the number 7 has often been used to represent completion, and that feels exactly where we are as a band.

The David Crowder*Band was formed in the year two thousand; it was the dawn of a millennium, Y2K was upon us, and out of this chaos was born the DC*B. That sounds way more epic than we intend it, but it is fact. We signed a three-album deal with our friends at sixstepsrecords who are part of the EMI/CMG family. We didn’t want to be presumptuous, presuming there would be more than those first three albums, but we hoped. And so we began discussions about building a 6 album set, the second three, if we were ever to have the great privilege of recording them, would be loosely associated with the first three, you know, sort of like how in the creation story day one is related to day four, as in, first there is light, then on the fourth day the sun and moon and stars appear. We do these things because we are quite nerdy and also because we hope to inject meaning wherever and whenever we are able. We also like structure, and this seemed a pretty nifty structure to work within, since, well, it is one of the greatest stories ever.

And sure enough, we have had the happy fortune to record five full-length albums and are hard at work on the 6th right now.

The problem, or the beauty, is that we’ve never been able to see past album 6. In the meantime, a lot of life has happened. It is now 2011 (this is for anyone who may not have been paying attention) and in eleven years there have been many twists and turns. Each of us has gotten married. New humans have arrived as a result of these marriages, 5 to be exact. We have also lost some really good friends to death along the way and have gotten to celebrate together that death is not the end of things. It’s really crazy to think that we have lived over a decade of life together. And, in the middle of all this life, we have gotten to make music that was a reflection of what was happening among us. We have attempted, to the best of our ability, to insert all of these twists and turns into our music, hoping that our responses to God in the midst of these moments would be an aid to others.

At the first of this year we began discussing what was next. For a long while, we have had a good idea what we were going to do for album number 6; we were going to record a Mass. Ambitious, maybe, but we had been working out the details of how it would connect to A Collision, you know the one with the boy and the atom on the cover. Mass happens to be a term used in physics, and this was exciting to us. But we also began conversations about what was to follow this sixth album. Some of us discussed maybe going back to school. Some of us talked about how great it might feel to be home with family more. Some mentioned maybe writing for a living, or at least getting to give more attention to it. Some talked about more music to be made and who they might enjoy making it with and how great it would be to have more diverse options open to them and the excitement they felt when thinking about those options (as in, if this was to be the period at the end of a sentence, they couldn’t wait to read the next paragraph!) And, out of these discussions, the decision was reached that this sixth album would be our last. None of us is sure what’s next, but we’re not afraid. We’re, in fact, really, really excited! And we’re sure that music will play a role in the future for most, if not all, of us, since, well, we wouldn’t know how to not have it a part of our lives. To what extent that will be, none of us is sure. We are hopeful and expecting, and praying that what is ahead of us deepens our need and experience of redemption and multiplies our ability and effectiveness in expressing the story of God in light of the call he has on each of our lives.

We are forever grateful for the support we have had from our church community, both local and extended. Really. It has been beautiful, all of it. And we will most definitely keep you informed as things progress and life’s new twists and turns start to make themselves more apparent.

In the meantime, as you can imagine, this album we’re working on is pretty special to us. Fittingly enough, it seems our little Mass has turned itself into a Requiem. We’d love your prayers as we endeavor to put a period at the end of this sentence. And obviously it was not overstated when we said The 7 Tour will be a thing you may not want to miss. We would love for you to join us for one last evening together, singing these songs that God has allowed us to carry.

With Love and Gratitude,

The DC*B”

I have to be honest I’m a little saddened about this as the group for me have helped me push the boundaries of what ‘worship’ music should sound like and just how creative you can be when worshiping God with music.

It will be great to see who fills this gap… stay tuned!

Are you getting bored with main stream hip-hop?

Graffiti "Hip Hop" in Eugene, Oregon.

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Do you like hip-hop but are tired of hip-hop that is dumbed down by people who think that hip-hop means they should glorify drugs, they should beat up their women, who think it’s cool to beat up on someone and who give a one sided slanted view of politics based on the need to legalise drugs of some description.

Then I have some great news… check out the awesome hip-hop artists at this site has some great artists that are inspiring and are clean… Isn’t it great to able to share your love for hip-hop to your kids and play it in the car without having to skip tracks that are full of profanity?

Or isn’t it great to be able to teach your kids that all hip-hop doesn’t talk about their mum as a ‘bitch’ or a ‘whore’… and who’s artists work hard at finding words that express what they feel rather than settling for the first F**k word as a filler!

If you would like to know what to expect I’ll let Propaganda and Odd Thomas what to expect from their new record.

Those are the rules…

the book of genesis

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You hear people say that God is a big rule keeper… and that he demands so much from us… and I think REALLY?

I’ve been reading Genesis (the beginning of the world as my 8 year old puts it) and it seems to me that God gave us everything we needed… I mean EVERYTHING and only one rule.

God basically made the world to please and inspire and be wonderful just for us… and then he handed us the keys and said “there you go look after this baby for me… I made it for you” and then he added “Oh just to let you know you can eat the fruit from any of the trees except one”

OK that seems pretty easy doesn’t it…

ALL the trees are ok to eat from except one!

It wasn’t like “Here’s the car… oh and by the way the clutch slips, just watch out for that!” – it was I’ve only made one rule for you to follow and this is it!

And so God started the world as a World of GRACE.

It’s pretty cool huh?

Even in Acts there was more of a focus on less rules and more grace.

The apostles came up with this for new believers in the early church.

28 “For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us to lay no greater burden on you than these few requirements: 29 You must abstain from eating food offered to idols, from consuming blood or the meat of strangled animals, and from sexual immorality. If you do this, you will do well. Farewell.”

So basically here were the rules…

Don’t do anything that is sexually immoral… and don’t hack off the Jews.

Yet we have this thought that we have a whole lots of rules and regulations to follow in order to keep ourselves in Gods favour… the relatity is that when we become born again (become a Christian) it says we are made NEW… that means we are ALREADY born into Gods favour…  lets not get stuck on the ‘rules’…

Here is the reality…

God is concerned more about the condition of your heart…

Don’t get lost in rules and regulations… they can’t get you closer to God.

God knew this…

The early church knew this…

yet we have forgotten!

My girls first inter school cross country race.



My 6 year olds ran their first cross country race at school and they actually did quite well. They got 2nd and 3rd. This was pretty exciting as i was worried they would have run the wrong way… However what this meant was they had to compete against other schools in our region.
Once again they surprised me… They got 11th and 13th out of a field of about 45.
they almost look to small for a big race… But my girls did great.
They’re already talking about training for next years race.

It was good.

"Thumbs up" picture, mostly uploaded...

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In Genesis when God was creating the world there is a phrase that keep on popping up

And God saw it was Good

For ages I always thought of that as a way of God saying “Nice Work” or “Good job” but the more I read it the more I discover that it is more than that.

If it was literally God saw that it was Good… that would be kind of like “God saw that the light was good” or that “God saw that the living creatures were good”… kind of like God didn’t know they were good until he stepped back and looked at them… was it just an experiment that God did that just worked out ok?

Or maybe God was comparing it to something he had done before?

It would be like “I’ve made light before… but this time it was Good”

I don’t think so… and most would agree that the above statements make it sound all a bit odd.

I’ve heard someone describe it as ‘morally good’… but that really doesn’t make sense either… because light or water or earth etc can’t be morally anything… water can only be water (in it’s states) , light can only be light… you get the point.

God said it was good…

Pastor Andy Stanley asks this:

Good for what?

Good for who?

Good for God? Did God benefit from the water being separated from the sea?

Here’s the thing… if we read on in Genesis 1:29-30 we read.

Then God said, “Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food.30 And I have given every green plant as food for all the wild animals, the birds in the sky, and the small animals that scurry along the ground—everything that has life.” And that is what happened.

God created the world in all it’s goodness… and he gave it away.

He didn’t just give the keys of his car to a teenage boy… he gave the world to us…

So when God was saying “It is good”… he was saying “You’re gonna love this… you’re gonna love what I have created just for you… with you in mind

This was where we first discovered God’s Amazing grace

Challenge the thoughts…

Illustration depicting thought.

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I don’t mind controversy, in fact I think it’s healthy because often it means that we are challenged in our beliefs… and often that means our own theologies grow, in fact just recently someone said to me:

“Good theology involves wrestling with other people’s ideas. Bad theology comes out of only reading books we agree with”

And while I agree with this… it is only true if we challenge the thought.

The danger is, in this day and age in our postmodern society we have stopped challenging thoughts and we end up acquiescing to all sorts of stuff we don’t necessarily agree with. We accept it reluctantly but without protest.

I think the problem with it is that people these days don’t know how to challenge a thought.

It seems that the way they work is this:

I’ve never heard that before and that challenges me = therefore it must be true because I don’t know another way of thinking about it!

“but test them all; hold on to what is good” – 1 Thessalonian s 5:21

But I like what it says in Acts… Paul and Silas preached the good news to a group of people and they accepted the news eagerly but he’s what they did:

“and they listened eagerly to Paul’s message. They searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth.” Acts 17:11

Challenge the thought… don’t just settle for the first thing you hear that challenges you.