Album Review: Beastie Boys – The Hot Sauce Committee Part 2

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

The bomb has finally dropped… and the new Beastie Boys album is nearly upon us.

This album has been brewing for at least 3 years This album was originally going to be released as The Hot Sauce Committee Part 1  and set for release September 2009 (with singles ‘Lee Majors Come again’ and ‘too Many Rapper’ already released that year) However when Adam “MCA” Yauch was diagnosed with cancer the band pulled back a bit.

H.S.C. pt2 is the first full sounding B.B. album since ‘To the 5 Boroughs’ was released 2004 with the Grammy award winning  instrumental album ‘the Mix-up’ in the gap.

And so  May 2, 2011 the world will once again taste Beastie Boys… and they are back with their full bag of tricks.

From the very first funky notes of H.S.C. pt2 you know that you’re in for something special with ‘Make Some Noise’ a classic Beastie Boys sound.

Something that makes the Beastie Boys such a special group is they are able to push forward by constantly looking back or as NME said in 2004  ” the Beasties are re-examining hip hop what it was, what it is, what it can be” and this is highlighted by the very next track ‘Non-Stop’ with the kind of bass line that Bomb the Bass used for their 1994 track Bug Powder Dust.

Before you know it you’re at the track ‘Too Many Rapper’ featuring rapper Nas… with that familiar ‘growl’ pulsating through the whole track.

It’s really easy to be caught up in the this album… it’s so familiar yet so new, that real balance between making something both sweet and sour and hot – all at the same time. Just as you’re about to get complacent at what the Beastie Boys have laid out in front of you as you soak in that groove, and they chuck a spanner in the works… and they don’t rock harder… they break it down with some dub styles… laying down a fresh, clean, smooth summer sound with the track ‘Don’t play no game’.

Beastie Boys continue to look back as they seem to tip their hats to the Sugarhill gangs 1970’s funk infused rap with the track ‘Funky Donkey’ but they also seem to take a look back at their own albums with the intro for ‘Long Burn the Fire’  sounding like it should be on ‘the Mix-up’   and then of course ‘Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament’ which is a fully instrumental song bringing back a new softer dubbier side of the group.

Finishing the album with the track ‘Crazy Ass Sh*t’ is a stroke of genius – especially since it was the most ‘normal’ Beastie Boys track on the whole album.

This is an album to get… it fulfills all your hip-hop dreams… the fun and the groove of groups like The Sugarhill gang, Run DMC, De La Soul and Jurassic 5… but this album pushes hip-hop to some place new.

For those who love the Beastie Boys but would like to play them round your kids they have also released a ‘clean version’ with none of that fowl language that can make some groups sound like they need a thesaurus.



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