Lest We Forget – Easter & ANZAC Day combined.

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In New Zealand 25th April is the day we celebrate ANZAC day… the day when we remember the service men and woman who sacrificed their lives  who fighting  at Gallipoli  in Turkey during World War I. It now more broadly commemorates all those who died and served in military operations for their countries.

This year it just happens that it falls on Easter Monday, which has made some people upset because it takes away another public holiday.

However I think it’s perfect.

Why you may ask?

There are a number of reasons like:

It reminds us of how important life is… and how we are to fight for it, yet straight after Easter it also reminds us how frail we are and how the fight of this life is for ‘something bigger’… and it’s bigger than the countries our service men/woman fought for.

It amazes me that ANZAC services get bigger and bigger as more and more younger people turn up… and this excites me. It excites me because it means that people still realise the importance of a life given. I had the privilege of marching in the ANZAC day parade in Melbourne a few years ago when my Grandpa was still alive and I was moved to tears as I walked the streets and people yelled “thanks for fighting for us guys” and “thanks for our freedom”… it was a moment in my life I will not forget.

With Easter and ANZAC day together we may loose a holiday but we are infused with this amazing knowledge of how important it was to have someone give their life for you… our servicemen and woman

But Jesus took it one step further – and this step was the most important.

The rose again from the dead.

“Death couldn’t handle Him and the grave couldn’t hold Him.” – Dr. S. M.  Lockeridge, (1976)

We can be filled with this amazing knowledge that because Jesus died AND rose again for us we know that something more than our Freedom on this earth is secured… but our Freedom for all eternity.

How important is it that we remember what Christ has done for us… and continues to do for us.

This long weekend we remember

Lest We Forget

‘Shadows’ (chorus) – David Crowder Band

When shadows fall on us
We will not fear
We will remember

When darkness falls on us
We will not fear
We will remember

When all seems lost
When we’re thrown and we’re tossed
We’ll remember the cost
We’re resting in the
Shadow of the cross


5 thoughts on “Lest We Forget – Easter & ANZAC Day combined.

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  2. Interesting to hear about your experience in Melbourne Goose. I had a similar experience in Gallipoli when we were there for an ANZAC day ceremony. I’d never really thought about the reality of what those guys went through, for us and for their families. It was pretty moving.

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  4. Interesting to read a differing perspective on having the two holidays together. I liked and understood it yet I still cannot condone the commercialism of Easter over our Anzacs. I promptly get choked up in shopping centres when I see the servicemen trying to sell the badges and whatnot, so many ignore them. I always buy two Anzac badges every year to help but also to do my bit against holiday commercialism.

    • T.A.K.’s thanks for posting…
      Commercialism always gets in the way of what was meant to be a time to remember…
      Easter has chocolate eggs in the way… and Christmas has shopping and Santa…
      And this year ANZAC day was eaten up by the Easter holiday.

      I think for the holidays we should make sure we take the time to remember… and if they are important to us… I think we should take the time to soak in them at their untainted commercial free rawest.

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