The difference is he rose again…

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If you read the Bible and turn to the book of Acts the church was born out of one moment… and one man was in the middle of it all.


Yet he wasn’t there.

What made him so special?

Although Jesus said powerful words it wasn’t just his words that made him different, it says in the Bible that he “spoke with authority and the people were amazed” however it could be said that Buddah said words that could be considered wise… and people follow him too… or what about the Koran isn’t that full of wise words that people follow?

It wasn’t his death that made him special either… lots of people have died for having faith in all types of religions.

So what was it that took a bunch of cowardly fishermen and made them into people that were willing to be beaten up and thrown into prison for what they believed in?

It wouldn’t just be mere words… their leader had died, and they ran away.

The thing that made Jesus different to any other great teacher or leader was…


That’s right… he came back to life.

In Acts it says that thousand of people became Christians after hearing the story of one thing… the ‘R’ word – Resurrection. They all knew about Jesus’ death, it was only a few miles from where they were… and it wasn’t years ago… it was a few months ago. This was FRESH this was REAL.

It needed to be something that was SO BIG that it turned the major religion at the time and TURN IT ON IT’S HEAD!


They had seen other people who rose up against the Romans be crucified… and they stayed dead… every single one of them.

Other teachers, other leaders… dead… and they are still dead.

But the resurrection was something that no one could deny, over 500 people saw him, within weeks of his death.

Jesus Christ, not only rose from the dead… but he changed a whole religion within months of his death and resurrection.

Jesus Christ not only rose from the dead… but he saved your soul from a eternity in Hell.

Jesus Christ not only rose from the dead… but he was the only man to do so.

Buddah… dead.

Muhammad… dead

Jesus Christ… the difference is he rose again.

Jesus Christ… the difference is he’s the son of God.


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