Face to face with the cross.

Icon of Jesus being crucified

Image via Wikipedia

When I see pictures about Jesus being crucified on the cross I see these amazingly tall crosses with everyone standing under it looking up to Jesus.

While this image looks great in a painting as you see the backdrop of the grey sky… Its not a really accurate depiction of how it happened.

Through the passing down of knowledge through history we know that the Romans crucified Jesus… And because of this we also know that they crucified people on a cross that was not much higher than the crowd itself.

The Romans were known for their torture techniques, and part of their reasoning behind a cross so low was so that they could get people up close to the action… They wanted people to smell death… They wanted people to see the pain in peoples eyes…

They wanted people to Remember.

Crucifixion was a deterrent.
Don’t mess with the Romans.

I wonder if God was also saying to the people on that day… Look into the eyes of Jesus… This is what freedom looks like… This is the pain MY SON is willing to go through to set YOU free from death and hell… REMEMBER.


5 thoughts on “Face to face with the cross.

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  4. Interesting post Goose. I didn’t know about the short cross thing, and it makes the scene quite different from what is usually “painted”. Great to learn more about what happened at the crucifixion. Happy Easter bro!

    • yeah… it’s really interesting to see how history has changed our perception of it.
      For instance he most likely didn’t carry the whole cross but only the crossbeam (patibulum) from inside the city to the place of crucifixtion where the upright beam was already in the ground (stipes) and was most like well worn from other crucifixions.
      We some times assume that all crucifixions were with the ‘t’ shape… although most crucifixions were on a ‘T’ shape or on a simple pole ‘I’ shape… we think Jesus dies on the ‘Christian cross’ shape because of the part in the scripture that says that Pilate placed a sign on the cross (John 19:19)
      I also read somewhere that a piece of wood was put between the bones and the head of the nail to keep the person on the cross from freeing his foot by sliding it over the nail.
      Crucifixion was forbidden by ancient Jewish law… which is why the Jews handed him over to the Romans.

      My two favourite pieces of knowledge about crucifixion are:
      The word excruciating literally means “out of crucifying”….
      One of the main reasons the story of Spartacus stayed in history was that the Romans crucified him and anyone who was part of his rebellion and had them crucified along the major highways that came into Rome (notably the Appian Way from Rome to Capua) so that everyone would know that no one should mess with the Romans (the Romans of course made sure that this was written into every history book at the time as a sign of Romes strength!)

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